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Lesson Plan Packs

Overview of Lesson Plan Packs

We invite educators to utilize our new library resources. Hundreds of individual and unique curriculum materials and lesson plan units on the Holocaust and related subjects are now available in our library. See topics below.

These units contain mixed and diverse materials, including interesting lesson plans, students handouts, videos, CD-ROMS, and books on a variety of subjects — from teaching about respect for difference and prejudice in the lower grades to complex and thought-provoking subjects relating to a wide spectrum of historical and Holocaust themes. Our educational materials are designed to support and supplement school curricula, and are free of charge.

Each teacher’s unit is different, but all are compiled to assist teachers from across the spectrum of disciplines and grade levels to prepare lesson plans quickly and comprehensively. Each unit is ready to be checked out for a reasonable period of time and is free of charge. Any materials in the unit can be copied for use by both teachers and students.

For more information or to check out materials, contact Maureen MacLaughlin, Librarian, at 678 222-3752 or by email.


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Lesson Plan Packs in the Breman library.


Lesson Plan Topics

Anne Frank
A wide variety of grade-appropriate materials on Anne Frank’s diary, many specially assembled. These materials range from picture books on Anne Frank to middle school materials.

Celebrating Diversity/Tolerance/Prejudice
There are many units available using picture books and age-appropriate videos for Kindergarten through 4th Grade that teach a broad range of multicultural subjects such as the value of diversity and respect for others, as well as general concepts such as Rescue in the Holocaust.

Elie Wiesel’s Night
This includes lesson plans on Night, a video interview with Elie Weisel, other books by the author, as well as a bibliography of writings by and about this leading Jewish-American writer, Holocaust survivor, and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

General History of the Holocaust: An Overview
This includes materials for all grade levels.

Introduction to Holocaust Denial
A comprehensive set of lessons plans is available for teaching this subject to high school students.

Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust
Course units on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, including videos, primary documents, and thoughtful readings. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is placed within the context of armed and unarmed Jewish resistance of all types.

Justice Issues/War Crimes Trials/Perpetrators
This packet includes lesson plans with accompanying materials on the Eichmann trial and Daniel Goldhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners. High school level.

Literature for and by Children in the Holocaust
This includes a comprehensive range of literature for young adults on a large variety of topics in Holocaust study. The materials include the standards: The Devil’s Arithmetic, Daniel’s Story, Number the Stars, The Island on Bird Street, Europa, Europa but also many others that are lesser known but extraordinarily interesting.

Moral and Ethical Choices in the Holocaust/Bystander Issues
This pack includes units for the “Hangman” video and poem and the video and play The Wave. Suitable for middle school.

Music and Art in the Holocaust
This includes a unique unit that teaches about life in the ghettos through recordings and texts of songs in the Holocaust.

Other Genocides
This includes an entire curriculum that permits one-day, two-day or ten-day lesson plans on the Armenian genocide, as well as genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia .

Other Victims: Jehovah’s Witnesses
This includes a unique and comprehensive package of materials on the experiences of Jehovah’s Witnesses under the Nazi regime.

Pre-War Jewish Life in Europe
This includes several items relating to life before the war in Central and Eastern Europe .

Rescue and Rescuers
This pack includes materials on Oskar Schindler, Chiune Sugihara, Varian Fry and other individual rescuers, as well as rescue by non-Jewish groups such as the Danes, the village of Le Chambon in France, and others.

Survivors of the Holocaust
This includes many items surrounding the experiences of Holocaust survivors; much of which is appropriate for the lower grades.


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Videos held in The Breman library.

Videos held in The Breman library.