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New Lives



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  • Aaron Alembik
    Aaron Alembik
    Aaron Alembik was born in 1930 in the small village of Mont ...
  • Fred Schneider
    Fred Schneider
    Fred Schneider grew up in Czernowitz, Romania. He survived ...
  • Ginger Goldhammer
    Ginger Goldhammer
    Ginger Goldhammer was born on June 16, 1906, in Nemes Koszto ...
  • Helen Spiegel
    Helen Spiegel
    Helen Wasserman Spiegel was born in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1 ...
  • Henry Birnbrey
    Henry Birnbrey
    Henry Birnbrey writes about his experiences:

    "I was born ...
  • Jack Pasmanick
    Jack Pasmanick
    Anything with a cup of grits was the standard breakfast orde ...
  • Miriam Morawieca Gerson
    Miriam Morawieca Gerson
    Miriam (Manya) Morawieca Gerson was born in Lodz, Poland, in ...
  • Paula Gris
    Paula Gris
    Paula Neuman Gris was born in Czernowitz, Romania (now Ukrai ...
  • Saul I. Nitzberg
    Saul I. Nitzberg
    Saul I. Nitzberg was born in Pruzhany, Poland. His parents, ...