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Business, day school, and university-related records.

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Note: many individual and family papers also contain business records.


Mechants Mutual Credit Corporation. Records, undated.

Montag Bros. Inc. Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 1916–1930.
Mss 84

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Product catalogues, 1916–1930.

Significance: Montag Bros., a school supply manufacturer and distributor, was established in Atlanta in 1889 by Sigmund Montag and his four brothers. Of special interest are examples of the products produced by the National Pencil Company, the factory where Leo Frank was employed.

Montag Brothers, Inc. Records, undated.

National Linen Service Corporation-Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 1944–1962.
(history, letter, and newspaper article)

National Service Industries, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 1897–1995.
Mss 156

Sign advertizing a Selig Chemical

Sign advertizing a Selig Chemical
Industries product.

Size: 15 linear feet

Content: National Service Industries, Inc. Records consist of records of acquisitions, mergers and sales of the various companies that were a part of NSI. Also included are annual reports from NSI and National Linen Services as well as a variety of records from ZEP Manufacturing Company and Selig Chemical. The collection is arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically within each Folder. Researchers interested in the growth and development of several Jewish-owned Atlanta businesses will find this collection of special interest.

Significance: National Service Industries, Inc. was founded in 1962 with the merger of two established Atlanta companies, National Linen Service (NLS) and Zep Manufacturing Company. National Linen Service, founded in 1919, had grown into the largest textile rental company in the United States by the late 1950s having acquired similar companies in twenty-four states. To avoid anti-trust action by the United States government, National Linen signed a consent agreement in 1956 and agreed not to acquire additional linen companies for ten years. National president Milton Weinstein, countered this restraint by diversifying.

On June 30, 1962 National Linen merged with Zep, a chemical company founded in 1937 by Mandle Zaban and later headed by his son, Erwin. Two years later National Linen acquired Atlanta Envelope Company and changed its name to National Service Industries, Inc. (NSI). In the ensuing years NSI acquired North Bros. Co., in 1966; Selig Chemical Industries in 1968; Lithonia Lighting Company in 1969; Marketing Services in 1970 and Block Industries in 1972.

In 1962, sales totaled $68 million and in 1984 they exceeded $1 billion. The company ranked 260th in sales among the largest United States industrial companies in the 1988 Fortune 500 list with sales of $1.4 billion.

In 1989, NSI relocated from its home office on Peachtree and 14th Streets to a new corporate headquarters at Pershing Point. Over the next decade NSI continued to grow, but in 2001, with stock prices stagnate the company was broken apart.

Otto Orkin. Papers, 1952–1964.
(prospectus, annual report, stock certificate, brochures and "give-away.")


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Cap advertizing Blue Horse, one of Montag's most successful lines of school supply products.

Cap advertizing Blue Horse, one of Montag's most successful lines of school supply products.