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Joseph Bach Family. Papers, 1922-1959.
Mss 44

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: Certificates, high school memory books, and dance cards.

Significance: Primarily reflect upon the social life of young Jewish singles in Atlnata, Georgia, during the 1920s.

Sadie Goldstein Bach Family. Papers, 1915–1942.
(congratulatory telegrams, a brides books filled with advertisements from Atlanta businesses, and correspondence)

Howard L. Baer. Papers, 1961–1962.
(newsletters and promotional brochures from Howard Paper Co., programs and newspaper articles from The Temple and The Temple Sisterhood)

Aleks Bakman. Papers, 1989.
(Immigration documents from the Soviet Union)

Meyer Balser Family. Papers, 1955–1978.
(documents and newspaper articles from the various activities in which Balser family members participated)

Frank Bannister.  Papers, 1945 and undated.
(letter describing an unidentified concentration camp, the subject of a group of photographs he took during his short time there, and a photocopy of a letter from United States Army soldier Roy Bracher who wrote to his parents regarding the conditions he witnessed at the Dachau concentration camp, 1945)

Virginia Rich Barnett. Papers, 1950.
(program from the Atlanta Civic Ballet)

Essie Gavron Barris. Papers, c.1920.
(newspaper clippings regarding Hadassah)

Harris Barton. Papers, c.1990.
(trading card)

Morris Barwald Family.  Papers, 1898.
(photocopy of an autobiography of Confederate veteran Morris Barwald)

Michael Bass. Papers, 1942.
(Red Cross letter regarding good health of family member in Poland)

Heinz Bauer Family. Papers, 1951–1952.
(papers primarily relate to a fire that destroyed the trailer the Bauers were living in while Dr. Bauer was at EmoryHospital)

David Baylinson (Rabbi) Family. Papers, 1967–1989.
(newspaper articles, speeches, correspondence from Temple Beth Or in Montgomery, Alabama, and the constitution from Kahl Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama, 1937)

Corene Bear Family.  Papers, 1982.
(unpublished history of the Berman family who emigrated from Kovno, Lithuania, to the American South in the late 1800s, eventually settling in Elberton, Georgia)

Irvin Beck Family. Papers, 1921–1953.
(immigration documents)

Carrie Popper Becker Family. Papers, c.1870–1973.
(photocopy of a family history of the Stephen Popper Family, and a reprint of an advertisement for S. Waxelbaum & Sons in Macon, Georgia)

Sylvia Pollock Becker. Papers, 1944–1945.
(memorabilia from the Top Hat Club, Boys' High School and Butler's Inc.)

Henry Birnbrey, front and center,

Hanukkah celebration, Pilsn, Czechoslovakia, c.1930. Hana Kraus (Beer) is sixth from left.

Hana Kraus Beer (1925–2004).  Papers, 19251999.
Mss 209

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of legal and travel documents and correspondence primarily relating to Hana Kraus Beer's life following the liberation of Thereisanstadt including the time she spent in England prior to her immigration to the United States in 1949 and her subsequent marriage to Walter Beer also a survivor of the Holocaust.

Significance:  Hana Kraus Beer was born in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.  As a young adult she was taken, along with her mother, Elly, and father, Ernest, to the Theresienstadt (Terezin) concentration camp.  Her father died at the camp.  Her mother was later deported to Auschwitz, where she was murdered.  Hana survived.  While at the camp she received a number of letters from her boyfriend, Pepik Smolka, who was also a prisoner at Thereisanstadt.  He was also deported and murdered by the Nazis.

Hana Kraus Beer (1925–2004) Papers, 19411947.
(postcards from Marta Kraus to Elly and Hana Kraus, who were on a transport to Theresienstadt (Terezin); two orders issued by the Nazis at Theresienstadt (Terezin); nine pieces of ghetto money; an identity card, 1941; correspondence, 1942-1947; and a booklet in which Elly Kraus listed what each family member should pack for the transport to the camp)

Walter Beer Family. Papers, 1941.

Morris Benatar (1900 - 1968) Family (1905–1992). Papers, 1943–1951.
(correspondence and menu from Vick’s Delicatessen)

Moshe Bender Family. Papers, 1949–1950.
(bus itinerary for the Bender family from New York to Atlanta and a child's health chart issued by the Industrial Removal Office in the United States zone of occupation to Dina Bender)

Max London in his dry goods store, Cornelia, Georgia,c.1929.

Max London in his dry goods store, Cornelia, Georgia,c.1929.

Nathan Bergen. Papers, 1938–1999.
(newspaper article and receipt from Gold’s Department Store in Cornelia, Georgia)

Mollie Bressler Bergman (1897–1951) Family. Papers, 1890–1930.
Mss 117

Size: .4 linear feet

Content: The collection consists of a scrapbook, a ketubah, and newspaper articles.

Significance: Mollie Bressler Bergman was a native Atlantan and a member of Ahavath Achim Congregation. During her teenage years she was involved in Junior Hadassah and a number of other clubs.

Gus Berman (1880–1945) Family. Papers, 1913–1990.
Mss 113

Size: .4 linear feet

Content: Scrapbooks of Anita Berman Rich Bierman and Judith Rich Viness

Significance: Gus Berman was an Atlanta resident and owner of Bermarine and Exellento, manufacturers of perfume and cosmetics.

Joseph E. Berman. Papers, 1925–1935.
Mss 78

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Scrapbook, 19311935.

Significance: Joseph E. Berman was City Councilor for the 4th Ward of the City of Atlanta from 1931-1935. He actively participated in the planning and implementation of improvements at Candler Field in Atlanta.

Max Berman Family. Papers, 1982.
(family history written by Corene Bear, a daughter of Max and Rachel Leah Berman)

Zelda Jacobson Berman (18981978). Papers, 1918.
(thrift card, 1918)

Hill Bermont. Papers, 19401959.
(photocopy of a scrapbook with clippings and memorabilia from Hill Bermont's career as a dance instructor, the owner of a studio at the Georgia Conservatory and Music Center, and as an actor)

Jerry Besser. Papers, 19451947. 
(certifcate from Dachau concentration camp, identity card, prayer book, and a copy of Behind Barbed Wire)

Sol Beton (1921–1997). Papers, undated.
(photocopy of Bar Mitzvah speech written in Ladino)


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Walter Beer (6th from left) with his Macabbee youth group, Protectorate of Czechoslovakia, 1932.

Walter Beer (6th from left) with his Macabbee youth group, Protectorate of Czechoslovakia, 1932.


Bernard Birnbaum (1936–2006) Family. Papers.
Mss 131

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: The collection consists of immigration and identification documents for members of the Birnbaum and Zwern families. Of special interest is the French identification card of Eli Georges Birnbaum marked with "Juif," the French word for Jew.

Significance: Bernard Birnbaum was a Holocaust survivor from France. He was a child when World War II commenced and spent part of the war in hiding. Following the war he joined the French army and served in Africa. He later married Anna Zwern, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, Blanche and Simon Zwern.

Henry Birnbrey. Papers, 1933, 1995.
(genealogy and photocopies of letters)

Henry Birnbrey, front and center,

Henry Birnbrey, front and center,
on board ship escaping from Nazi
Germany and on his way to the
United States, 1938.

Henry Birnbrey. Papers, 1933, 1995.
(genealogy and photocopies of letters, and a photocopy of a WWII memoir)

Maxine Yalovitz-Blankenship.  Papers, c.1927–2000.
(photocopies of immigration documents, a marriage certificate and poems and writings written by Maxine Yalovitz-Blankenship about her life in Rome, Georgia)

Sol Blaine (1922–2002).  Papers, 1939–2002.
(copy of Sol Blaine’s diary written in the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, copies of military records, a copy of the damage profile on the U.S.S. West Virginia, a photograph of Sol Blaine Musician, 2nd class Sol Blaine (4th from left), 1946, and copies of correspondence relating to the purchase of a new clarinet by his Sol Blaine's parents to replace the one lost in the attack)

Hynek Bloch. Papers, 1941.
(confiscation document, Czechoslovakia)

Ron Blomberg. Papers, 1979.
(trading card)

Lois Blonder. Papers, 2006.
(photocopy of a newspaper article relating to CultureLink, a cultural experience travel business founded  in 1989)

Hank Bloom Family. Papers, 1992.
(genealogy and history of the family of Simon Kaufman)

Rabbi Paul Irving Bloom. Papers, 1954–2008.
(minutes, and correspondence relating to Rabbi Bloom's tenure as a student rabbi at Temple Beth El in Anniston, Alabama.)

Ron Blomberg. Papers, 1979.
(trading card)

David Bluestein Family. Papers, 1894–2003.
(photocopies of newspaper articles, genealogical material and the business cards of David Bluestein when he was mayor for the city of Darien, Georgia)

Joseph A. Blumberg (1889–1976) Family. Papers, 1906–1989.
Mss 45

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: Telegrams from the marriage of Miriam Saul and Jacob Blumberg, 1913, and the genealogy of the Saul family.

Significance: Long-time Atlanta residents.

Jerome B. Blumenthal (Dr.). Papers, 1949-1966.
Mss 154

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of an annual report from The Jewish Home, 1962; a admission card, bulletin and a cookbook published from Ahavath Achim Congregation, 1949-1966; a letter from Louis J. Levitas to Jerry Blumenthal, 1953; a letter from Mayor William B. Hartsfield, 1961; a letter from Senator Herman Talmadge regarding school segregation; an article regarding the death of Julian V. Bohem, 1960; and a catalogue from the High Museum of Art, 1968.

Significance:  Dr. Jerome B. Blumenthal is an Atlanta native. 


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Bernard Birnbaum’s false identity card for “Bernard Baron.”

Bernard Birnbaum’s false identity card for “Bernard Baron.”


Mike Bock (1907– ) Family. Papers, 19441966.
Mss 159

Size:  .4 linear feet.

Content: The collection consists of memorabilia from Edison Brothers Stores, Inc., 1944-1966; and a scrapbook compiled by Ilene Bock Zier, 1951-1956 consisting of B'nai B'rith Youth, school, and camp material.

Significance:  Mike Bock was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  His parents were from Vladivostock, Russia.  

Mendel Boorstin (1893–1974) Family. Papers, 1914–1986.
Mss 103

Contents: Minutes of the Hungarian Benevolent Society, 1926-1927; newsletters from the Young Women's Hebrew Association, 1922-1923; and records chronicling the movement in the 1950s to establish a home for the aged in Atlanta.

Significance: Mendel and Fannie Boorstein were both active in Jewish communal life in Atlanta. In large part, it was the persistence of Fannie Boorstein that led to the creation of a Jewish home for the aged in Atlanta.

Manuela Bornstein Family. Papers,
(letters (in German) written from Sophie Hess (1877–1941) to her younger brother, Erwin, who had immigrated to Brazil and later New York regarding her life in Nazi Germany)

Charles Borochoff (1921–1990). Papers, 1903–1991.
(primarily material relating to war work of Southern Wire and Iron Works during World War II)

Oscar Borochoff Family. Papers, 1875–1975.
(photocopies of family documents of the Borochoff family of Rome, Georgia.

Penina Weisz Bowman Family.  Papers, 1946–1948.
(photocopies of immigration documents, letters, and a certificate from the board of Education of the City of Chicago)

William Henry Boze.  Papers, 1945.
(letter, May 13, 1945, written to his parents, in which Lieutenant Boze describes his experience as a United States soldier entering the Buchenwald concentration camp.)

Joseph Breiner. Papers, 1946.
(certificate to keep captured German weapon during World War II)

Elinor Rosenberg Breman Family.Papers, 1941.
(Postcard from Ensign Herbert J. Rosenberg to his son Jerry during World War II)

M. William Breman (1908–2000) Family. Papers, 1915–1997.
Mss 39

Size: 4.4 linear feet.

Content: Records from the American Jewish Committee, the Anti Defamation League, Atlanta Jewish Federation, B'nai B'rith Gate City Lodge, The William Breman Jewish, Home, The Temple and The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum. Of special interest is a collection of newspaper articles on the Leo Frank Case, 1915-1982.

Significance: M. William Breman was a respected Jewish and general community leader who gave both time and financial support to various concerns, causes, and organizations. Both The William Breman Jewish Home and The William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum are named for him.

Joseph Breiner. Papers, 1946. 
(certificate to keep captured German weapon during World War II)

Leah Wengrow Brenner. Papers, 1928–1929.
(diary of Leah Wengrow Brenner of Griffin, Georgia)

Francis Bressler. Papers, 1945–1972.
(documents primarily relating to activities at Ahavath Achim Congregation)

Jeff Brickman. Papers, 2004.
(campaign flier for Brickman's campaign for Dekalb County District Attorney)

Donald Broda Sr. Family.  Papers,  1897–1998.
(programs, newsletters and a history of  Temple Israel of Columbus, Georgia, newspaper articles including a biography of Simon Schwob and memorabilia from the Century Club and the Jewish Ladies Aid Society)

Benjamin M. Brodie (1875–1953) Family. Papers, 1931–1942.
(minutes from the Southeastern Conference of Senior Hadassah, 1931, a photocopy of a letter signed by Henrietta Szold, and newspaper articles regarding the service of Benjamin Brodie during the Spanish American War)

Nathan Bromberg (1921–2000) Family. Papers, 1952.
(citizenship documents)

Joseph M. Brown. Papers, 1922–1923.
(newsletters from the Jewish Progressive Club)

Maria Bulova. Papers, 1942.
(concert program from the Ferramonti Di Tarsia interment camp in Italy)

Helen Pries Bunkin. Papers, 1938–1946.
Mss 118

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: The collection consists of two scrapbooks.

Significance: Helen Pries Bunkin was a member of numerous teen and young adult Jewish social clubs in Atlanta in the late 1930s and early 1940. She also volunteered for the Atlanta Jewish Welfare Board during World War II.

Walter Bunzl (1913–1988) Family. Papers, 1902–1962.
Mss 55

Walter Bunzl (front) with friends, dressed up for Purim, Vienna, Austria, 1921.

Walter Bunzl (front) with friends, dressed up
for Purim, Vienna, Austria, 1921.

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: Immigration and reparations documents, and records from the New World Club, and the National Council of Jewish Women.

Significance: Primarily documents relating to the immigration of the Hamburger and Bunzl families in the late 1930s to Atlanta, Georgia. Included among the documents are German police reports, and lists of goods allowed to be removed from Nazi Germany.

Jacob Butler (1909–1972) Family. Papers, 1918–1989.
Mss 61

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: Records relating to the organizations in which Butler family members were active including Ahavath Achim Congregation, The Jewish Home, Atlanta Jewish Community Council consisting of issues of the newsletter "Together", 1954-1963, and the Jewish Progressive Club.

Significance: Jacob and his wife Julia were active in organizational work throughout the Jewish community of Atlanta, Georgia.


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Bill Breman surrounded by visiting school children at The Breman Museum.

Bill Breman surrounded by visiting school children at The Breman Museum.