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Alice L. Caplan. Papers, 1958-1983.
(documents relating to Alice Caplan's activities in Jewish community organizations)

Fiddlin' John Carson. Papers, 1925.
(sheet music, "Little Mary Phagan")

Helen Fine Cavalier (1908–1996). Papers,
(photocopies of newspaper articles and histories regarding the various community-wide activities of Helen Fine Cavalier)

Hugh M. Clark. Papers, 1943.
(currency from Terezin)

Matilda S. Clark Family. Papers, c. 1940–1992.
(biography of Matilda S. Clark and photocopies of newspaper articles)

Russel Clayton Family.  Papers, 1910–1947.
(photocopies of newspaper articles relating to the deaths of Anna Benton, the grandmother of Mary Phagan and Fannie Phagan Coleman; and scanned copies of two postcards written by Mary Phagan to her cousin Myrtle Barmore, 1910–1913)

Tom Cobb.  Papers,
(advertising and product records from Montag's, a stationery and school tablet manufactuer in Atlanta, Georgia)

Bernard Cohen (1915–1997).  Papers, 1967–1994.
(material relating to scrap metal recycling and Central Metals a recycling company in Atlanta, Georgia)

Dewald S. Cohen (1883–1967). Papers, 1954.
(letter regarding AZA fraternity's contribution to the March of Dimes)

Gloria Cohen.  Papers, c.2005.
(compilation of "The Columbus Jewish Merchants: On and Off Broadway," 19402005)

Jack Cohen Family. Papers, 1921–1956.
Mss 48

Content: Autograph book, invitations, certificate from the Mayfair Club of Atlanta, and military documents.

Significance: Primarily relating to the World War II military service of Jack Cohen.

Rabbi Joseph Cohen (1896–1985) Family. Papers, 1931–1988.
Mss 65

Rabbi Joseph Cohen instructing a student about rituals for the holiday of Sukkot

Rabbi Joseph Cohen instructing
a student about rituals for the
holiday of Sukkot, Congregation
Or VeShalom, Atlanta, 1959.

Size: 1.2 linear feet.

Content: Death, birth and marriage records of members of Congregation Or VeShalom, Atlanta, Georgia; records of the Atlanta Rabbinical Association, 1969-1978; personal correspondence, speeches, sermons, and general administrative files from Congregation Or VeShalom.

Significance: Rabbi Joseph I. Cohen was born in Constantinople (Istanbul) Turkey. Rabbi Cohen served in the Third Division of the Turkish Army in World War I, in the Gallipoli Peninsula Campaign and also in the Palestine Campaign, and was held as a prisoner of war in Damascus, Syria. He later worked for the British government in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Cohen received his training for the rabbinate in Turkey and accepted his first pulpit in Havana, Cuba in 1920, where he was spiritual leader of the Congregation Union Hebraic de Cuba. In 1934, Rabbi Cohen moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and was installed as Rabbi of Congregation Or VeShalom three days after his arrival. In addition to his rabbinical duties, he served as the teacher and principal of Or VeShalom's Hebrew school. Rabbi Cohen was also active at the Atlanta Bureau of Jewish Education, the Adult Institute of Jewish Studies, the Atlanta Jewish Federation, and was the first president of the Atlanta Rabbinical Association. Rabbi Cohen retired in 1969.

Julius Cohen Family. Papers, 1921–1980.
(family history)

Cohen National Bank note, Sandersville, Georgia.

Bank not from the Cohen National Bank, Sandersville, Georgia,
established by Louis Cohen.

Louis Cohen (1849–1937) Family.  Papers, 1875–1996.
Mss 190

Size: .6 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of certificates from the Banking House of Louis Cohen, family genealogical materials, a scrapbook completed by Louis Cohen, the recipe book of Henrietta Happ, family bibles containing additional genealogical records, and correspondence from Cohen and Happ family members.

Significance:  Louis Cohen was born in Germany in 1849 and immigrated with his parents to Georgia in 1852.  Louis was raised in Americus, Georgia, and moved to Sandersville in 1877, where he established a general merchandise business.  In 1887, along with Morris Happ, he established a banking house which later became the Banking House of Louis Cohen.  Cohen later led the campaign for the construction of the Sandersville and Tennille railway, serving as its president.  This three mile short line railroad is still in existence, providing freight service to Washington County, Georgia.  Louis Cohen was elected mayor of Sandersville in 1887 and served several terms.

Natalie Cohen (1914– ). Papers, 19701977.
(biographical information

Nathan Cohen Family. Papers, 19241972.
Mss 102

Size: .4 linear feet.

Contents: Records from Cohen's of Alma Department Store and correspondence relating to the election of Nathan Cohen as Mayor of Alma, Georgia, 1961.

Significance: Nathan Cohen immigrated from Poland to the United States in 1913 and moved to South Georgia working as a peddler. In 1924 he opened Cohen's of Alma. He retired in 1957 and assumed numerous civic responsibilities throughout the community. He was elected Mayor of Alma in 1961 and later named Citizen of the Year by the Lions Club and Board of Trade.

Nathan Cohen Family.  Papers, 1974.
(newspaper articles relating to Cohen’s department store in Alma, Georgia)

Norman (Buddy) Cohen Family.  Papers, 19581999.
(newsletters of Temple B'nai Israel-Albany, Georgia,  and photocopies of newspaper articles. 

Pauline Saul Cohen Family. Papers, 19341939.
(Young Judaea membership card, 1934, raffle stubs from the Nordau Club and T-E-L Club, 1936 and undated and program from Strausseans dance, 1939)

Philip Cohen. Papers, 19431944.
(diary of Philip Cohen's service aboard the USS Savage during World War II)

Reuben Cohen Family.  Papers, 19361986.
Mss 191

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of a log and rosters from the Atlanta Radio Club and programs, invitations and awards relating to the Cohen's involvement in a wide variety of Jewish community organizations.

Significance:  Reuben Cohen and his wife Lillian were active in a wide variety of activities in Atlanta.  Reuben was a longtime member of the Atlanta Radio Club and Lillian was a preschool teacher at the Atlanta Jewish Community Center for over 30 years.

Aaron Cohn Family. Papers,  19411997
Mss 130

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists primarily of photocopies of newspaper articles relating to Judge Cohn's career and a transcript of an oral interview in which he recalls the liberation of Ebensee.

Significance:  Aaron Cohn was born in Columbus, Georgia, in 1916.  He graduated from Columbus High School in 1932 and The University of Georgia Law School in 1938.  He practiced law in Columbus from 1938 until his enlistment in the United States Army in 1940.  He participated in four major campaigns and helped to liberate the Ebensee concentration camp in 1945.  Following his discharge he returned to Columbus and in 1965, he was appointed a judge of the Juvenile Court in Muscogee County.

Gail Cohn Family. Papers, 1886.
(original debate speech, for the affirmative side in support of women's suffrage, delivered at the Montefiore Literary Society, by Jacob Rothschild of Selma, Alabama)

Michael Coolik Family.  Papers, c.19401995.
(newspaper clippings and a strip of stickers from Coolik's "The Stores Dependable”)

Moses B. Copeloff (1893-1963). Papers, 19241972.
(newspaper articles regarding the career of Dr. Copeloff and a newsletter and annual report from the Jewish Home)

Samuel S. Crasnow. Papers, 1931.
(programs from the dedication of the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation [The Temple])

Joseph Cuba (1909-1993) Family. Papers, 19221993
Mss 3

Size: 8 cubic feet

Content: Certificates, awards, correspondence, scrapbooks, memorabilia relating to various family members and to Ahavath Achim Congregation, The Bureau of Jewish Education, the Jewish Community Council, as well as to other organizations in which the family were participants.

Significance: Joseph Cuba was a native Atlantan who spent a major portion of his life in service to the Jewish community of this city.  In 1932, he assumed the presidency of the Southern Young Judaea Society, and since that time he actively participated in the leadership of Ahavath Achim Congregation, the Jewish Progressive Club, B’nai B’rith Gate City Lodge #144, the Southeastern Region United Synagogue of America, the Jewish Technological Seminary, the Atlanta Bureau of Jewish Education, the Jewish Home, the Standard Club, the Atlanta Jewish Federation, Jewish War Veterans, and the Georgia State University Alumni Association.  The papers not only reflect upon the varied interests of Joseph Cuba, but of his brother Max, who served as a city alderman and was a leader on the Atlanta-Fulton County Joint Planning Board for over 30 years.  Of special interest are the documents relating to the integration of Leb’s Restaurant in 1964.

Max M. Cuba (1904-1973). Papers, 1932.
(photocopies of campaign material for city councilman)


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Groundbreaking ceremony for the Congregation Ahavath Achim building on Peachtree Battle. L-r: Joe Cuba, Joe Zaglin, ?, Rabbi Harry Epstein

Groundbreaking ceremony for the Congregation Ahavath Achim building on Peachtree Battle. L-r: Joe Cuba, Joe Zaglin, ?, Rabbi Harry Epstein