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Abraham Jacobs Family. Papers, 1959–1988.
(guest book from Jacobs family reunions, a family history and newspaper articles)

Dave Jacobs Family. Papers, 1889.
(telegrams on the marriage of Dave and Rosa Jacobs, 1889)

Isidor Jacobs (1884–1955) Family. Papers, 1911–1955.
Mss 37

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Minutes from the Ladies Hebrew Charity Association, 1913-1918, and brochures, invitations, programs, and newspaper clippings from the American Red Cross, B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, Junior Mayfair Club, and the Know Your Neighbor Club.

Significance: Isidor Jacobs and his wife Lizzie were active in a wide variety of community organizations in Atlanta, Georgia. He was instrumental in creating the Know Your Neighbor Club on the1700 block of Noble Drive in Atlanta to break down the barriers between different races and religions.

Joseph Jacobs (1859–1929). Papers, 1879–1985.
Mss 28

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: Records from the Jacobs Pharmacy Company of Atlanta, Georgia, including issues of Jacobs' Monthly Magazine, 1914-1918, articles written and collected by Joseph Jacobs, and correspondence.
Jacob's Pharmacy

Significance: Joseph Jacobs was born in Jefferson, Georgia the son of Gabriel and Ernestine Heyman Jacobs. Gabriel Jacobs joined the 116th Georgia Infantry and fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Joseph Jacobs attended the University of Georgia in 1877 and received a degree from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 1879.

In the fall of 1879 Joseph Jacobs opened the Athens Pharmaceutical Company in Athens, Georgia. In 1884, he bought out the drug store of the competition located at Five Points in Atlanta, and moved his parents, brothers and sisters to the city where he would remain for the rest of his life. Coca-Cola™ would later be served for the first time as a fountain drink at the Five Points location of Jacob's Pharmacy.

Joseph B. Jacobs (1887 – 1965). Papers, 1912–1922.
Mss 165

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection contains personal banking transactions, congratulation letters on the marriage of Joseph to Rose, general correspondence between the three brothers, most written to Joseph from Edward, legal proceedings to settle business differences and travel journals relating to Jacob family road trips to Florida.

Significance:  Joseph Benjamin Jacobs was born and educated in Atlanta, Georgia.  On April 1, 1919, Isadore. M. (I.M.) Weinstein and a partner, Herman Gross, formed the Atlanta Linen Supply Company, with total start-up capital of $1,700. Gross sold out to his partner in 1920, but Weinstein quickly secured two new partners, Abraham J. Weinberg, and Joseph B. Jacobs.  Mr. Jacobs purchased a substantial interest in the Southern Linen Service in 1922, forming the superbly successful trio of Messrs. Weinstein, Weinberg and Jacobs.  The trio’s wise counsel, keen business judgment and executive ability were powerful factors in the company’s growth.  In 192, Jacobs opened the company's first branch in Birmingham, Alabama.  In 1928, the National Linen Service Corporation was formed, opening sixteen new plants in 16 progressive cities.

The brothers operated several business ventures under the corporation name of Joseph Thompson Company in Georgia, and Joseph Thompson Liquor Company in Alabama (beer – wholesale whiskies, candy, silk, and nails and tacks).  The brothers had many business disagreements and misunderstandings about the amount of interest owned by each.  They eventually went to court to settle their business differences and the court issued a settlement in favor of Joseph; Hyman and Edward had to repay his note(s).

Sinclair Jacobs (1889–1977). Papers, 1964–1967.
(sermon by Rabbi Jacob M. Rothschild, 1966, a letter regarding the hiring of non-Christians at Agnes Scott University, and newspaper articles)

Harvey and Betty Jacobson Family. Papers, 1914–1986.
Mss 30

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Memorabilia the Jewish Progressive Club, the Bachelors' Club, a memory book of Rosa Lee Mendel Romm, and a history of H. Mendel and Company a wholesale distribution company founded in Atlanta in 1890 by Hyman Mendel.

Significance: Long-time Atlanta community members, Betty Ann Romm Jacobson would become the first female president of the Atlanta Jewish Federation, now known as the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

Bobby Johnson (1913–1993). Papers, 1940–1994.
Mss 62

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Primarily records from the Atlanta Jewish Welfare Fund, the Atlanta Jewish Community Council consisting of issues of the newsletter, "Together," 1954-1955, and records from The Standard Club.

Significance: Financial secretary for the Atlanta Jewish Welfare Federation for 29 years.

Bessie Zaban Jones. Papers, c.1976–1987.
(correspondence and memoir)

Max Jotkowitz and his sister, Eva, Hamburg, 1929.

Max Jotkowitz and his sister, Eva,
Hamburg, 1929.

Max Jotkowitz Family. Papers, c.1917–1946.
(Program from the Jewish Synagogue in Hamburg, Germany and a photocopy of the transport information to concentration camps of the Jotkowitz family members.)


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