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Fred Koeth Family.  Papers, 1947.
(photocopy of a newspaper article relating to sentencing of 15 Flossenburg concentration camp operators by the American War Crimes Court, 1947)

Rabbi Nathan L. Kohen (1908–1975). Papers, 1940–1978.
Mss 68

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: Primarily sermons, speeches, and records from the Fitzgerald Hebrew Congregation of Fitzgerald, Georgia.

Significance: Rabbi Nathan L. Kohen was rabbi at the Fitzgerald Hebrew Congregation in Fitzgerald, Georgia from 19471975.

Herbert Kohn Family. Papers, 1936–1945.
Mss 85

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Correspondence, 1940-1942, an Iron Cross certificate issued to Leo Kohn, 1936, and immigration documents, 1938-1942.

Significance: Herbert Kohn and his parents and brothers were Holocaust survivors who immigrated from Germany in 1939. The Kohn family eventually settled in Columbus, Georgia.

Erika Komisarow Family. Papers, 19221953.
(photocopies of identification and immigration documents)

Henry Koplin (1889–1952) Family.  Papers, 19111989.
Mss 168

Size:  .2 linear feet

Content:  The collection consists of the Mendel family genealogical information, a high school memory book from Commercial High School of Sarah Mendel, 1911 and the brides book of Sarah Mendel, 1916.

Significance: Henry Koplin was Atlanta native and moved to Macon, Georgia, to establish a scrap metal business known as Macon Iron and Steel.  He married Sarah Mendel of Atlanta, Georgia in 1916. 

Harry Koval. Papers, 1941–1998.
(newsletters from Camp Daniel Morgan and a certificate from Boy Scouts of America)

Rabbi Philip N. Kranz.  Papers, 19572006.
Mss 169

Size:  16.5 linear feet

Content:The collection consists primarily of correspondence thanking Rabbi Kranz for his service to his congregation and to the community, sermons, and files relating to his tenure at Chicago Sinai Congregation.

Significance:  Rabbi Philip N. Kranz served Temple Sinai for twenty-five years. 

Meyer Kreisberg Family.  Papers, 1939-1991.
Mss 188

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of records, including minutes from the Daughters of Israel and records from Hadassah in Augusta and the southeast region.  Of special interest are the letters from Augusta Hadassah members who visited Israel in the early 1950s describing their trips.

Significance:  Meyer and Estelle Kreigsberg of Augusta, Georgia, are active members of Adas Yeshurun Synagogue. Estelle Kriegsberg was also active in numerous Jewish organizations in Augusta including the Synagogue sisterhood (Daughters of Israel) and Hadassah.

Edward Krick (1916–2000) Family.  Papers, 19291998.
Mss 204

Size:  .8 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists primarily of a scrapbook containing memorabilia from Shearith Israel Juniors including a program for a Minstrel Show performance by the group and Purim ball ad books and Yizkor (memorial) books from Congregation Shearith Israel.

Significance:  Edward Krick was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1916.  As a young man he was active in the Shearith Israel Juniors, a chapter of Young Judaea. He married Gertrude Fierman in 1951.  In 1957, he was elected president of Congregation Shearith Israel and later served on the Boards of Trustees of the Atlanta Jewish Federation, the Atlanta Jewish Community Center, the Zionist Organization of America, and the Hebrew Academy of Atlanta. Gertrude Krick was also an active participant in the Jewish community of Atlanta and worked tirelessly for Congregation Shearith Israel and for the Hebrew Academy where she served as assistant principal in the late 1970s and into the 1980s.

Irwin Krick Family. Papers, 1952–1953.
(program B'nai B'rith Girls Chapter 176 banquet, and newspaper article)


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Irene Kohn in Gallian, Alabama, 1942.

Irene Kohn, adjusting to her new life in Gallian, Alabama, 1942.


V.H. Kriegshaber & Son. Records, 1920.

Victor H. Kriegshaber (1859–1934). Papers, 1989.
(issue of Seasons the newsletter of the Capitol City Club, picturing Victor Kriegshaber on the cover)

Victor H. Kriegshaber (1859–1934). Papers, 1915–1989.
(photocopies of newspaper and journal articles about the life, business, and community service career of Victor H. Kriegshaber)

JosAbe Kruger Department Store, Fitzgerlad, Georgia, c.1921.

Abe Kruger Department Store, Fitzgerlad, Georgia, c.1921.

Abe Kruger Family. Papers, 1949–1973.
(memorabilia from the Fitzgerald Hebrew Congregation and newspaper articles relating to the Kruger family of Fitzgerald, Georgia)

Reuben Kruger Family. Papers, 1931–1987.
(photocopy of scrapbook relating to the Kruger family of Fitzgerald, Georgia, and the Abe Kruger Department Store)

Harry Kulbersh. Papers, 1958.
(photocopies of newspaper articles relating to Harry Kulbersh and the Kulbersh Brothers Department Store in Tifton, Georgia


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Victor H. and Adelade M. Kriegshaber

Victor H. and Adelade M. Kriegshaber, Atlanta, Georgia.

Harry Kuniansky Family. Papers, 1922–1962.
(photocopies of newspaper articles relating to the football career of Harry Kuniansky)

Max Kuniansky (1917–1995).  Papers, 1928–1991.
(material relating to Max Kuniansky's military service including a flight log and record and correspondence regarding a reunion with his squadron and from his ex-commanding officer Bill Jacobs)

Milton Kuniansky. Papers, 1946.
(Separation Qualification Record from the Army of the United States, 1946)

Ruth Kuniansky Wilner Family.  Papers, 19361939.
Mss 198

Size:  .4 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of a memory book of Ruth Kuniansky’s high school years.

Significance:  Ruth Kuniansky was born in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Girl's High School.

Reuben Aaron Kunnes (1878–1948) Family. Papers, 1899–1997.
Mss 122

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: The collection consists of correspondence, business records including a ledger, 1899-1905, and newspaper articles.

Significance: Reuben Aaron Kunnes was born in Russia and emigrated to the United States with his family in 1882. The family settled in Thomson, Georgia, where they owned a dry goods business that eventually became R. A. Kunnes Department Store. The Kunnes family was active in all aspects of community life in Thomson, Georgia.

Lewis Kurtzman.  Papers,  1940.
(pupil's monthly certificate signed by Rabbi Harry H. Epstein, 1940)

Adele Kusher. Papers, 1999.


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Harry Kuniansky, University of Georgia, c.1941.

Harry Kuniansky, University of Georgia, c.1941.