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Dave Macarov.  Papers, undated.
autobiography of Dave Macarov in which he reminisces about his early years in Atlanta.

Ida B. Macher Family.  Papers,1946-2000.
(minutes, brochures and a history of Pioneer Women (Na'Amat USA)

Dr. John Maidanek (1924–1997). Papers, 1935–1998.
Mss 123

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: The collection primarily consists of letters written by the brothers and parents of John Maidanek from 1935-1941.

Significance: John Maidanek was a Holocaust survivor who immigrated to the United States from Harberg in Nazi Germany at the age of 11. His brother and parents were deported to the Lodz Ghetto and perished.

Stanford Makover (1924–2005) Family.  Papers, 1950-1983.
Mss 180

Size:  .4 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of records from Shirley of Atlanta and an annual report from Ahavath Achim Congregation.

Significance:  Stanford Makover  was born in Baltimore Maryland, and moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1928.  His father, Thomas, started Shirley of Atlanta, a manufacturer of wholesale dresses.  Stanford and his older brother, Sylvan, later ran the business.  Stanford was president of the Jewish Progressive Club from 19571958 and was active in the Atlanta Jewish Federation, now the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta..

Sylvan Makover Family. Papers, 1956–1983.
(photocopies of newspaper articles relating to activities with Israeli Bonds and Ahavath Achim Congregation)

Erna Mandowsky. Papers, 1937–1975.
(letters from relatives in Germany, 1937–1940, and later correspondence from R.R. Adams, 1975)

Harold and Maxine Marcus Family. Papers, 1944–1983.
(photocopies of articles relating to Maxine Marcus' activities with the Atlanta Jewish Welfare Fund and with the pardon of Leo M. Frank)

Sidney Marcus. Papers, 1981.
(campaign memorabilia)

Rabbi Isaac E. Marcuson (1872–1952). Papers, 19151984.
Mss 161

Size:  12 linear feet

Content:  The bulk of the collection contains letters and requests for materials published for and by the Central Conference of American Rabbis.  Additional correspondence can be found in subject specific folders.  The collection contains material concerning World War II and the efforts in Macon to assist Jews escaping Nazi persecution prior to and after World War II.

Significance:  Isaac E. Marcuson, rabbi of Temple Beth Israel in Macon, Georgia, was the spiritual leader of that congregation for over 50 years.  He was born in 1872 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and later attended the University of Cincinnati and Hebrew Union College.  Rabbi Marcuson accepted the rabbinate at Temple Beth Israel 1894.  He remained in that position until his death in 1952.

Esther Landey Margol.  Papers, c.1950.
(newspaper clippings and a Hagaddah given to customers from S.J. Gold delicatessen in Atlanta)

Howard Margol. Papers, 1945.
(Hagaddah prepared by Rabbi Eli Bohnen, Chaplain of the 42nd Infantry "Rainbow" Division for use in the first seder by American troops on German soil)

Janet P. Marion. Papers, 1977.
(article entitled: "Testing for Tay-Sachs Gene in the Atlanta Jewish Population")

Dr. David M. Marx (1872–1961) Family. Papers, 1895–1962.
(first sermon delivered at The Temple, 1895, invitations and programs from The Temple)

Sam Massell. Papers, 1973.
(State of the City address)

Shirley Caplan Massing. Papers, 1992.

Ida Seligman Matz. Papers, 1942–1954.
(documents relating to Ida Seligman Matz’s military service during World
War II.)

Sam Massell

Sam Massell, during his
tenure as mayor of Atlanta,

Sam Massell. Papers, 1973.
(State of the City address)

Shirley Massing. Papers, 1992.

Ida Seligman Matz. Papers, 1942-1954.
(documents relating to Ida Seligman Matz's military service during World
War II.)

Armand May (1882–1972). Papers, 1919–1953.
Mss 93

Size: .2 linear feet.

Contents: Correspondence, newspaper clippings and a scrapbook.

Significance: Founder of the American Mills Company in Atlanta, Armand May served as captain of the drive in Georgia to raise funds for the American Jewish Relief Committee, which provided aid to Jewish refugees of Central and Eastern Europe, 1921-1922.

Ike May. Papers, 1915.
(letter from Leo M. Frank to Ike May)

David Mayer.

David Mayer.

David Mayer Family (1815–1890). Papers, 1839–1946.
Mss 145

Size:  .4 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of letters from notables such as Joseph E. Brown, governor of elected as Georgia's governor four times and from Alexander H. Stephens, vice president of the Confederacy.  Also contained are personal letters written by David Mayer and his children.

Significance:  David Mayer was born in Bavaria in 1815.    He immigrated to the United States in 1839, settling first in Tennessee and then in Washington, Georgia.  Eight years later, he moved to Atlanta, where he remained until his death in 1890. David Mayer was a businessman, Confederate veteran, freemason, and one of the founders of the Atlanta public schools.

David Mayer (1815–1890) Family. Papers, undated.
(histories, photocopies of correspondence, and newspaper articles)

David Mayer (1815–1890). Papers, 1864.
(diary in which David Mayer writes about breaking through the Union blockade during the Civil War)

Elisa Weilmann Mayer (1829–) Family.  Papers, 18672000.
Mss 182

Size:  1 linear foot.

Content:  The collection consists of a scrapbook and loose items found in the scrapbook compiled by Elisa Weilmann Mayer.  Of special interest is a letter from Morris Mayer to his mother, Elisa, in 1867 in which he discusses his recovery from an accidental gunshot wound.

Significance:  Elisa Weilmann Mayer was born in Germany in 1829.  At the age of 18, Elisa immigrated to the United States to become the wife of David Mayer.  She was a leading citizen of Atlanta and a  president of the Grandmothers Club.

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Rabbi David Marx, c.1900.

Rabbi David Marx, c.1900.



Barney Medintz (1910–1960) Family. Papers, 1948–1985.
Mss 115

Size: 1 linear foot

Content: Primarily speeches delivered by Barney Medintz on the wide variety of Jewish community causes in which he was involved.

Significance: Barney Medintz was born in London, England, in 1910. At the age of one he immigrated with his family to America. Following graduation from the University of Chicago, he moved to Atlanta to serve as director of Men’s and Boy’s Activities at the Jewish Educational Alliance. Medintz worked for the Alliance for two years, after which he founded the Service Uniform Company. In 1936 Medintz married Dorothy Davis. Medintz was active in a variety of youth and humanitarian causes in the Jewish community of Atlanta.

Lawrence Melnick Family. Papers, 1975 and undated.
(brochures and a song booklet from Camp Barney Medintz)

Channah and Zvi Mekel Family. Papers, 1993.
(family history)

The Hyman Mendel Family.

The Hyman Mendel Family.

Hyman Mendel (1873–1954) Family. Papers, 1981.
(family history)

Simon Mendel Family. Papers, 1961–1972.
(publications and order book from the H.Mendel & Co.)

Merlin Family. Papers,1967.
(family history in Yiddish)

Louis Merz Family. Papers, 1862–1993.
(photocopy of the diary of Louis Merz, letters written by Louis Merz while serving the Confederacy, 1862; and a speech by Arthur Heyman)

Abraham J. Mesch (rabbi) (1908–1962).  Papers, 1955.
(Confirmation program written by Rabbi Mesch of Temple Beth-El in Birmingham, Alabama, titled "The Riddle of Numbers")

Lilo Meyer. Papers, 1966.

Max Meyerhardt Family. Papers, 1959–1992.
(newspaper articles, a program, and a biographical sketch)

Dorothy Frankel Miller (–1970) Family. Papers, 1931–1961.
Mss 120

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: The collection consists of programs, invitations, newsletters and miscellaney from a scrapbook created by Dorothy Frankel from 1931-1937.

Significance: Dorothy Frankel Miller was a native Atlantan who was active in a wide variety of Jewish youth activities and clubs. The collection reflects those interests.

Estelle Miller Family. Papers, 1932–1940.
(camp diary and other memorabilia from Camp Civitania)

Sarah Belle Edelstein Miller. Papers, 1946.
(Flier introducing Sarah Belle Edelstein as sweetheart for the Morris Lichtenstein 518 Atlanta A.Z.A. Council)

Bennie Minsk (1914–1992) Family. Papers, 1934 and undated.
(photocopies of newspaper articles)

Malcolm Minsk. Papers, 1955–1969.
Mss 80

Size: .2 linear feet

Content: Membership records and correspondence from the Zionist Organization of America-Atlanta District.

Significance: Malcolm Minsk was treasurer and an active member of ZOA for many years.

Charles Curtis Mitchell. Papers, 1945.
(memoir regarding the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp)

Clement Molkner.  Papers, 1956–1959.
(certificate of appreciation from the New World Club and a memorial resolution on the occasion of Clement Molkner's death from members of the Key Club)

Mary Moncrief. Papers, undated.
(obituaries of B.W. Simon and Mrs. B.W. Simon of Albany, Georgia)

Anthony Montag Family.  Papers, 1984–2003.
(confirmation program, memorial books, and a program from the installation of Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin at The Temple in Atlanta, 2003)

James and Ethel Montag Family. Papers, 18432008.
Mss 177

Size:  .4 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of the travel diary of Lee Bloom of Eufaula, Alabama, detailing a voyage to Europe and his return with future wife Emile Weil, 1888; the autograph book of Emile Weil Bloom, 1887-1888; the recipe book of Ernestine Marie Brown, undated; a genealogy chart for the descendants of Abraham Levy and Rachel Cornelia Bernard, 1983; a commemorative book from the FrankMeinhardWeil family reunion celebration, 1989; and miscellaneous newspaper articles and genealogical material copied from the Goldberg-Rich family bible, 1843-2006.

Significance:  James Montag was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1936.  He is the son Louis and Jane Montag.  Louis was one of the founders of Montag Brothers, the creator of Blue Horse school supplies and Montag Stationary.  James Montag is a descendant of Abraham Levy, who immigrated to the United States from Holland in c.1818.  He settled with his wife Rachel in Richmond, Virginia.

Ethel Montag was born in Louisville, Kentucky.  Her great-grandfather, Sam Brown, was the first Jewish mayor of Albany, Georgia, and founder of the first bank in Albany.

Jennie Intro Moret Family.  Papers, 1934–1993.
(censored envelope, 1941; a sheet of letterhead from Kistenfabrik, a family business in Frankfurt, Germany; a photocopy of the list of passengers on the S.S. Manhattan, 1938; and photocopies of citizenship papers, documents and letters)

Louis Morris Family. Papers, 1915–1980.
Mss 146

Size:  .4 linear feet.

Content:  The collection, 1915-1980, consists of the ledger book from Louis Morris' grocery store, the Naturalization certificate of Louis Morris, 1938, the obituary of Leon Steinberg, 1978, and a newspaper article relating to the American Jewish Committee's Oral History Project.

Significance:  Louis Morris was born in Russia as Lei Yampolsky.  The name was changed to Morris at Ellis Island.  Louis married Jeanette Hartstein.  He was the owner of Louis Morris' Grocery Store on Haygood Avenue in Atlanta. 

Perry Morris (1921–1996) Family. Papers, 1922-1990.
(program from the Aurora Club first annual banquet, issue of the "Alliance News," program from the Progressive Club, advertisements for Morris Bros. Luggage, and programs from plays presented by B'nai B'rith)

Louise Moses. Papers, 1894–1895.
(invitation and program from the Concordia Association, letterhead from Eiseman Bros., and a chain letter, 1895, to raise money for Grady Hospital, 1895)

Raphael Moses (1812-1893). Papers, 1890–1939.
Mss 83

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Typescript copy of the autobiography of Raphael Moses, 1890, a biography of Raphael Moses written by his grandson Stanford Moses, 1939, and letters of Raphael Moses, copied from the original, by Stanford Moses, 1812-1893.

Significance: Raphael Moses was born in 1812 in Charleston, South Carolina. He was an eminent lawyer and leader in the Civil War and during the Reconstruction period of Georgia. He served on the staff of General James Longstreet in the Army of Northern Virginia.

Shirley Yudelson Mosinger. Papers, 1948.
(programs and newsletter from Young Judaea)

Norman Moss.  Papers, c.1942–1945.
(patriotic postcards and decals)

Leopold Mothner Family.  Papers, 1903–1992.
(newspaper articles and certificates)

Max Muldawer Family. Papers, 1956–1976.
(photocopies of newspaper articles)


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Medintz family, Hanukkah, 1952. L-r: Barney, Marcia, Phillip, Dorothy.

Medintz family, Hanukkah, 1952.  L-r: Barney, Marcia, Phillip, Dorothy.