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Nathan Neuman. Papers, c.1943–1995.
(photocopies of documents relating to Holocaust survivor Nathan Neuman)

Mary H. Newsome. Papers, 1918.
(abridged prayer book for Jews in the Army and Navy of the United States)

Hilda Popkin Ney Family.  Papers, 1939-1997.
Mss 200

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of a scrapbook compiled by Hilda Popkin Ney, her diplomas and a Jewish Educational Alliance newsletter, 1941.

Significance:  Hilda Popkin Ney was born in Augusta, Georgia, the daughter of Sara and Morris Popkin.  She later became a nurse, graduated from the University Hospital School of Nursing at the University of Georgia in 1945.  In 1946, Hilda Popkin married Robert Ney of Atlanta.  For many years Hilda worked as nurse and camp administrator at Blue Star Camps in Hendersonville, North Carolina, owned and established by her brothers, Herman, Harry, and Ben Popkin.

Janice Trestman Nodvin Family.  Papers, 1958.
(memorabilia from Camp Rutledge including fictional marriage certificates, a map of the camp, newsletter and a song sheet)

Melvin Hehle Nussbaum Family.  Papers, 1977 and undated.
(newspaper article relating to Sigmund Nussbaum's beer wholesale business in Bainbridge, Georgia, and a history of Temple Beth El of Bainbridge)


Donald Oberdorfer (1901–1984). Papers, 1909–1976.
Mss 23

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: Primarily records from Oberdorfer Insurance Agency and from the various organizations in which Donald Oberdorfer participated, including the Anti Defamation League, the Atlanta Jewish Federation, the Ballyhoo Club, Future Incorporated, Hai-Resh Fraternity, the American Red Cross, the Standard Club, and The Temple. Also included is an invitation from the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to a banquet in honor of President-elect William Howard Taft, 1909.

Significance: Oberdorfer Insurance Agency was established in Atlanta in 1894 by Eugene Oberdorfer, Sr. Since that time family members have been active in both Jewish and general community service organizations.

Marvin Orenstein. Papers, 1954–1998.
(photocopies of newspaper articles relating to the Orenstein family of Gainesville, Georgia)

Abbot I. Orentlicker. Papers, 1952.
(check for issued by Associated Grocer's Co-op.)

Otto Orkin (1885–1968). Papers, 1952–1964.
(prospectus, annual report, stock certificate, brochures and “give-away.”)


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Holocaust survivor Nathan Neuman, after liberation.

Holocaust survivor Nathan Neuman, after liberation.



Max Pamarance. Papers, 1943.
(World War II ration book)

Sidney Parks. Papers, 1921–1982.
(photocopies of newspaper articles, B'nai B'rith Gate City Lodge bulletin and newsletter and history)

Louis Perling Family.  Papers, 19111916.
Mss 187

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of letters from Maggie Oshman to a number of correspondents, primarily to Louis Perling, whom she would later marry.  The letters are written from Galveston, Texas, and from Cochran and Hazelhurst, Georgia.  Of special interest are the letters in which Maggie Oshman discusses her Jewish identity.

Significance:  Louis Perling immigrated from Russia to the United States in 1920 and settled in Sandersville, Georgia.  The Perling family has owned and operated a clothing store in Sandersville for the last 75 years.

Lynette and Marvin Perlis Family. Papers, 1977.
(newspaper article about the Jewish community of Fitzgerald, Georgia)

Rubin Pichulik Family. Papers, 1936–1951.
(identification and immigration documents of Holocaust survivor Rubin Pichulik)

Clemmie Mayer Pinkhussohn.  Papers, 18641893.
Mss 181

Size:  1 linear foot.

Content:  The collection consists of correspondence between Governor Joseph E. Brown, Alexander Stephens and David Mayer, the invitation to the wedding of Clemmie Mayer and Sam Pinkhussohn, and a scrapbook compiled in 1884 containing obituaries, wedding announcements and news of the day.

Significance:  Clemmie Mayer Pinkhussohn was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the youngest child of David and Elisa Weilman Mayer.  She married Samuel (Sam) Pinkhussohn of Savannah, Georgia, in 1889.  The couple resided in Atlanta.  Clemmie's father, David Mayer, was the trusted friend of Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown and Alexander Stephens, the vice-president of the Confederacy.

J.S. Pinkhussohn. Papers, 1922.

Samuel Pinsky Family.  Papers, 19051985.
(invitations, photographs, and newspaper articles)

Pliskin Family. Papers, 1928.
(postcard collection)

Benjamin J. Pollock. Papers, 1942–1951.
(handbook of the Butler Pollock Employees Association and a front page newspaper article about Benjamin J. Massell)

Martin Prisant Family.  Papers, 1914–1926.
photocopy of a marriage contract (ketubah) between Dora Warzsawiak and Martin Prisant (Yiddish); and photocopies of newspaper clippings relating to the Prisant family who immigrated from Poland and settled in Albany, Georgia.

William Pulgram Family. Papers, c.1935–2000.
(photocopies of immigration and identification documents issued by the Nazi regime to Pulgram family members)


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L-r: Sara, Louis, and Rubin Pichulik, Munich, c.1948.

L-r: Sara, Louis, and Rubin Pichulik, Munich, c.1948.