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Gladys Rabhan. Papers, 1960–1961.

Isaac (Lipowicz) Redfield Family.  Papers, 1948.
(letter from the American Joint Distribution Committee, 1948 advising Isaac (Lipowicz) Redfield of his immigration status and a tag worn by Janina (Lipowicz) Redfield on board the USS General Haan, 1949)

Abraham Bernard Reisman. Papers, 1926–1982.
Mss 20

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Invitations, brochures, newsletters, and newspaper clippings from various organizations in Atlanta, including the Jewish War Veterans, Boy Scouts of America, and the Mason-Grand Lodge of Georgia.

Significance: Abraham Bernard Reisman was active in numerous general and Jewish community organizations.

Adolph G. Reisman Family. Papers, 1937.
(by-laws of the Hungarian Benevolent Association)

Alfred Rice.  Papers, 1938.
(prayer book for Jews in the Army and Navy of the United States, signed by Pvt. Alfred Rice)

Meyer Rich (1889–1951). Papers, 1934 and undated.
(photocopies of newspaper articles)

Walter Henry Rich. Papers, 1947.
(memorial resolution)

Herbert A. Ringel Family.  Papers, 18881996.
Mss 171

Size: .8 linear feet

Content:  The collection consists primarily of letters and journals.

Significance:  Herbert and Philip Ringel were born to Jacob Max Ringel and Minnie Fertel in Georgetown, South Carolina, and graduated from high school in that city.  Herbert and Philip attended the University of Georgia obtaining law degrees.  After graduation the brothers moved to Brunswick, Georgia, where they opened a law firm.  They practiced general law, handling estates, receiverships of bankrupt businesses, drafting contracts, including organization development and advisory and the preparation of deeds, mortages and leases.

Alan Ripans Family. Papers, 19501984.
(material relates to Cross Roads Restaurant, which was an Atlanta institution, including menus, napkins, advertisements and newspaper clippings)

Inge Marx Robbins Family.  Papers, undated.
(photocopy of a newspaper article relating to the Piedmont National Corp. established by the family of Inge Marx Robbins, who were Holocaust survivors)

Robert Robbins.  Papers, 19861987.
(report from the National Register of Historic Places listing the Rabinowitz Building in Alma, Georgia on the register)

Harry Robkin (1899–1977). Family. Papers, 1926-1977.
(program and newspaper articles of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, 1926-1927)

Ozna Robkin.  Papers, 19831990.
(minutes from Na'amat and a play from presented by the Atlanta Chapter of Hadassah)

Joseph H. Rodbell Family. (1887–1964). Papers, 1927–1930.
(records of the United Hebrew Benevolent Association and a scrapbook)

Leonard Rodbell (1887v1964) Family. Papers, 1968.
(photocopy of newspaper article and article about Joe Gerson)

David Roos Family.  Papers,1863–1971.
(advertisement from Rich's, Inc., undated; photocopies of the muster roll listing David Roos, Confederate War Veteran, 1863, newspaper article re. Isaac Roos, 1939; a copy of a marriage certificate and newspaper announcement re. the wedding of David Roos and Beatrice Shoenig, 1924; articles and advertisements of the Melvin S. Roos & Co. 1971 and undated)

Louis Rosenbaum (1900–1986) Family. Papers, 1921–1993.
Mss 52

Spick & Span Meat & Groceries. Louis Rosenbaum, left.

Spick & Span Meat & Groceries, Atlanta, Georgia. Louis
Rosenbaum, left.

Size: .6 linear feet.

Content: Documents from numerous Jewish and non-Jewish organizations, schools, and synagogues including the Atlanta Jewish Welfare Fund, The Atlanta Normal Training School, the Atlanta Opportunity School, B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, Central Night School, Ahavath Achim Congregation, Decatur Civitan Club, Jewish Educational Alliance, Jewish Progressive Club, Jewish War Veterans; documents relating to the unsuccessful effort of Jacob Rosenbaum to immigrate to the United States and business records from Spick and Span Groceries and Meats.

Significance: The immigration records document the Rosenbaum family's effort to save a family member from the Holocaust in the years between 1937-1939.


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A.B. Reisman at a meeting for Boy Scouts of America, c.1943.

A.B. Reisman at a meeting for Boy Scouts of America, c.1943.


Charlotte Stein Slotin Rosenberg (1913–1967) Family. Papers, 1932–1966.
(newsletter and dance card of Alpha Epsilon Pi at Emory University, bulletin of Lawson General Hospital, 1945, Bulletin of B'nai B'rith Women of Atlanta, 1949 and photocopies of newspaper articles)

Herman Rosenberg. Papers, 1901.
(naturalization certificate)

Herman and Ella Rosenberg. Papers, 1992.
(history of the Thomasville Jewish community)

Irving Rosenberg Family. Papers, 1866–1945.
Mss 94

Size: .2 linear feet.

Contents: Typescript copy of a letter form Raphael Moses to W.O. Tuggle of LaGrange, Georgia, 1875; indentures, 1866-1945, and business records including minutes of meetings of the Rosenberg Jewelry Company, 1928-1944.

Significance: The Rosenberg family are long-time residents of Columbus, Georgia. Of special interest is the letter from Raphael Moses in which he expresses his pride in being a member of the Jewish people.

Joseph S. Rosenberg (1904–1999) Family.  Papers, 18901999.
Mss 208

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of correspondence, certificates, newspaper clippings, and resolutions relating to life of careers of three generations of Rosenbergs, Jacob (Jake), and Ralph.

Significance:  Joseph Samuel Rosenberg was born in Albany, Georgia, in 1904, the son of Jacob and Annie Cohen Rosenberg.  Joseph attended the Albany public schools, and later Vanderbilt University.  He married Regina Steiner in 1928.  Joseph was the president of Rosenberg Bros. Department Store established in 1898 by his father, Jacob, and two uncles, Abraham and Isaac, all of whom had immigrated from Romania to the United States in the late 1800s.  Rosenberg's was a fixture in Albany until its close in 1991.  In addition to his business activities, Joseph was active in numerous civic organization in Albany, including the Cub Scouts, the Chamber of Commerce and the Phoebe Putney Hospital Authority.

Laura Rosenberg. Papers, 1929–1951.
(newspaper articles regarding the community service of Laura Rosenberg of Columbus, Georgia)

Louis A. Rosenberg (1901–1974). Papers, 1923–1928.
(newspaper articles regarding the Jewish Progressive Club basketball team)

Louis Rosenberg Family. Papers, undated.
(newspaper article re. the Louis Rosenberg family of Swainsboro, Georgia)

Julia Alahdeff Roth. Papers, 1943.
(newspaper article regarding civil defense during World War II)

Laurette Rosenstrauch. Papers, c.1874–1994.
(photocopies of family histories, articles, and genealogies of the first Jewish families to settle in Columbus, Georgia)

Luther Z. Rosser. Papers, 1914.
(photocopy of letter from Leo M. Frank to his attorney Luther Z. Rosser and a biography of Luther Rosser)

Jay Roth.  Papers, 2009.
(Judge Roth ran for the office of Fulton County Solicitor General.
The collection consists of a campaign flyer)

Julia Alahdell Roth.  Papers, 1943.
(newspaper article regarding civil defense during World War II)

Paul Ruben Family.  Papers, 19161963.
Mss 189

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of  an employee salary ledger, 19441946, a cancelled check, 1963, a debit memorandum from the 1940s, an application for a charge account; and records from the Havath Israel Lodge #361 of the Independent Order of Brith Sholom in Augusta, Georgia and the Independent Order of Brith Sholom - Atlanta Lodge No. 303.

Significance:  Max and Rebecca Ruben in established Ruben's Department Store on Broad Street in Augusta, Georgia, in 1898.

Bertha Rubin Family. Papers, 1931 and undated.
(Girls' High School Yearbook)

Rosalyn Minsk Rubin. Papers, c.1942–1980.
(memorabilia from Ahavath Achim Congregation. ORT, and Congregation Shearith Israel)

Sydney A. Rushin. Papers, undated.
(advertisement from the Norris Candy Co.)

Phillip Russ (1875–1941). Papers, 1906–1910.
(citizenship documents)


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Rosenberg's, Swainsboro, Georgia, c.1920.

Rosenberg's, Swainsboro, Georgia, c.1920.