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Sadie Sacks (1920–1996). Papers, 1972–1979.
(newspaper article regarding her career as director of the Early Childhood Department at the Atlanta Jewish Community Center)

Harry Salby (1917– ) Family. Papers, 1942–1955.
(false paper used to hide from the Nazis during World War II and photocopies of immigration and identification documents)

Nathan Saltzman Family. Papers, 1873-1950.
Mss 10

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Correspondence, certificates, diplomas, invitations and memorabilia of the Saltzman, Benjamin, and Hirshberg families of Atlanta.

Significance: Pioneer Atlanta Jewish families. Of special note is the correspondence, which is highly descriptive of the lifestyle led by affluent members of the Jewish community in the early 1900s.

David Sarnat. Papers, 1940.
(currency from the Lodz Ghetto)

Philip Sartorius (1831– ) Papers, undated.
(family history)

Julian D. Saul Family.  Papers, 1996.
(50th anniversary newsletter from the Queen Carpet Corporation)

Louis Saul Family.  Papers, 2006.
(family history written by Wendy Saul, the granddaughter of Louis Saul)

Milton Saul Family (1924– ). Papers, 1914-1980.
Mss 73

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: The Saul family of Atlanta has been active in a wide variety of community activities including Ahavath Achim Congregation, Atlanta Jewish Community Center, Atlanta Jewish Federation and its predecessor organizations, B'nai B'rith Women, and Hillel. Of special interest are the documents relating to the Zion Colony of Atlanta, and Congregation Beth Israel.

Significance: Both the Zion Colony of Atlanta and Congregation Beth Israel are no longer extant. Very few records exist from either this short-lived synagogue or early Zionist organization that was established in 1924.

Joseph Schaffer (1884–1939) Family. Papers, c.1950.
(Jewish National Fund tree certificate)

Dr. William E. Schatten (1928–1998). Papers, 1941–1993.
Mss 66

William Schatten (2nd from left) with David Ben-Gurion.

William Schatten (2nd from left) with David Ben-Gurion.

Size: .4 linear feet

Content: Primarily photocopies of newspaper articles relating to the many activities of Dr. Schatten in a wide variety of community organizations including Ahavath Achim Congregation, American Jewish Committee, Anti Defamation League, Emory University, Israel Bonds, and Jewish National Fund.

Significance: Dr. William E. Schatten was active in the Atlanta community for much of his career. He served as the 1983 and 1984 campaign chairman of the Atlanta Jewish Federation and as president from 1988-1990. He was the Atlanta Israel Bonds Chairman from 1971-1976 and was a member of the National Israel Bond Cabinet. From 1976-1978, Dr. Schatten was president of the Ahavath Achim Congregation.

Simon Scher (1906–) Family. Papers, 1922–1928. 
(memorabilia including correspondence and an issue of “The Orphan Home News,” from the Hebrew Orphans Home, at which Simon Scher and all of his siblings were residents)

Herbert Schiff. Papers, 1913–1915.
(photocopies of correspondence between Herbert Schiff, assistant superintendent at the National Pencil Company and Leo M. Frank)

Tobias Schlaffer (1886–1977) Family. Papers, undated.
(letter in Yiddish)

Anne T. Schneider Family. Papers, 1961–1979.
(newspaper article regarding the Aaron Tanenbaum family of Augusta, Georgia, and a history of Adas Yeshurun Synagogue of Augusta)

Alfred Schneider.  Papers, 1946–1989.
(visitor pass and two seat assignment ticket to the military tribunals at Nuremberg following World War II; and a newspaper published by the Jewish Students' Union of Munich, 1947)

Tosia Schneider Family.  Papers, 1941–1949.
(photocopies of letters and documents primarily relating to Tosia Schneider's immigration to the United States)

Irving S. Schoenberg (Colonel). Papers, 2003.
(Colonel Schoenberg's vitae)

Dr. Eugen Schoenfeld (1925– ). Papers, 1945–1948.
(identification and immigration documents of Holocaust survivor Eugen Schoenfeld)

Dr. Louis Schmier, Papers, c.1860–1920.
(historical manuscripts including Confederate Jewish Civil War diary)

Adelbert Schueck Family.  Papers, 1898–1947.
(documents relating to the employment of Adelbert and his wife Grete Weibel, report cards from school, a document certifying Schueck as a full Jew, and rationing coupons issued by the Nazis with the added middle names of Israel and Sara to Grete's and Adelbert's names)

Dave Schulman. Papers, undated.
(Pic n’ Save coupon)

Ruth Schuster. Papers, undated.
(paper entitled: "The Refugee Jewish Grocery Owner in the Black Ghetto of Atlanta")

Abraham B. Schwartz Family.  Papers, 1990.
(photocopy of a biography of Dr. Abraham B. Schwartz)

Fred Schwartz.  Papers, 1942.
(pamphlet from the Royal Air Force, Middle East Division, and from the Casino Nouzha in Alexandria, Egypt)

Sylvia Glustrom Schwartz Family.   Papers, 2006.
(history of the pre-school of the Atlanta Jewish Community Center; program from a dinner at the Progressive Club in honor of Abba Eban, 1959, and a chronicle of Women's Organizations in Atlanta's Jewish community, 1994)

Michael Schwarz Family. Papers, 1949.
(Red Cross documents certifying the death of Heinz and Ernst Grabowski, murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau, 1943)

Geraldine Sebastian. Papers, c.1945.
(history of the Dachau concentration camp)

Barry Seidel. Papers, 1946.
(photocopy of immigration document and diploma of Holocaust survivor Barry Seidel)

Selig Family. Papers, 1998.

Janet Selig. Papers, 1864–1926.
Mss 112

Size: .2 linear feet

Content: Scrapbook

Significance: Janet Selig was a Jewish Atlanta socialite and a member of The Temple and the Standard Club.

Selig Family. Papers, 1998.

Simon Selig Jr. (1913–1986) Family.  Papers, 19281986.
Mss 210

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of correspondence, newspaper articles relating to the life of career of Simon Selig.  Also included are the papers of Benjamin J. Massell, who was the father of Simon Selig's wife, Caroline Massell.  Benjamin Massell was a community leader and civic leader.  Massell was born in Lithuania in 1886.  He immigrated to the United States with his parents as a child and attended Boys High School.  By the end of his second year he quit school to begin a working career that culminate in his being one of Atlanta's most successful real estate developers.

Significance:  Simon Selig Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1914.  He attended Boys High School in Atlanta and the University of Georgia, where he received a bachelor's degree in business administration.  During World War II he served for five years, achieving the rank of lieutenant colonel.  Simon Selig was president of Selig Chemical and later the family real estate business.  He was active in both Jewish and general organization including Israel Bonds, The Temple, the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Yaarab Shrine, B'nai B'rith, the Commerce Club and the Standard Club.


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Nathan Saltzman attending a Shrine convention, 1914.

Nathan Saltzman attending a Shrine convention, 1914.