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Maurice M. Shapiro. Papers, 1940–1943.
(currency from the Lodz Ghetto)

Bennie Shemaria Family.  Papers, undated.
(history of Bennie's Shoes)

Simon Sher (1906– ) Family. Papers, 1922–1928.
(memorabilia including correspondence and an issue of "The Orphan Home News," from the Hebrew Orphans Home at which Simon Sher and all of his siblings were residents)

Alice Sherr. Papers, 1943–1946.
(immigration document and postcard from the Jewish Girl Scout troop in Heiden, Switzerland)

Stuart Shevin Family.  Papers, c.1945-1976.
(photocopy of a newspaper advertisement and a photocopy of a company history of the Standard Furnishing Company, later known as Standard Furniture Company, in the Birmingham/Tuscaloosa)

Doris Shlaer Family.  Papers,
(photocopies of newspaper articles and a program from the 100th anniversary dinner from Temple Beth Tefilloh – Brunswick, Georgia)

Herman Shmerling Family. Papers, 1927–1928.
Mss 150

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of correspondence primarily relating to payments, credit and orders. Herman Shmerling was a business who resided in Augusta, Georgia. 

Significance:  Herman Shmerling was the owner of H. Shmerling, a jewelry store located on Broad Street in Augusta, Georgia. 

Arthur Shulhafer. Papers, 1923–1938.
(guest book of all visitors to the Shulhafer home from 1923-1938)

Philip Shulhafer Family. Papers, 1921–1992.
(pamphlet from Sigma Theta Pi, 1908, Newsletter from Montag, Inc., bulletins from the Atlanta Section National Council of Jewish Women, and photocopies of newspaper articles)

Henry Shumaker.  Papers, 1924–2003.
(letters and newsletters from the Hebrew Orphans' Home and a letters from Henry Shumaker, 2002-2003, in which he reminisces about his experiences at the Home)

Harry Barney Siegel. Papers, 1963.
(newspaper article regarding Harry B. Siegel who worked for the Southern Railway Company for 50 years)

Max Siegel (1889–1961) Family. Papers, c.1938–1940.
(Passover order form)

Rosamond Harris Sigal. Papers, 1944–1946.
(newspapers from Young Judaea and memorabilia from Camp Daniel Morgan)

Sam Silbiger.  Papers, 1945–2005.
(photocopy of the identity card issued to Sam Silbiger from the Mittenwald displaced persons camp and newspaper articles relating to Sam Silbigers's experiences during the Holocaust and later in Israel)

Louis Silver Family.  Papers, 1922–1983.
(photocopies of newspaper clippings relating to Louis (Lew) Silver's career as a boxer and programs and memorabilia from the B'nai B'rith Youth activities of his son, William Silver, who also became an Atlanta dentist)

Harry Silverman (1861–1925) Family. Papers, 1862-1968.
Mss 143

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of correspondence, a bill of sale for a slave named Harriet, 1862, a published biography of Crawford W. Long, photocopies of newspaper articles, genealogies and family histories.

Significance:  Harry Silverman was a leading cigar dealer and restaurateur of Atlanta.  He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1861.   He moved with his family to Atlanta in 1875.  In 1887, he married Sarah Cohen, the daughter of Regina Abrahams and Jonas Loeb Cohen. He served his country during the Spanish-American War and later as a member of the National Guard of Georgia. Harry and Sarah's daughter, Helen, married Aaron Arthur Wiseberg.  Their daughter, Harriet, married Sidney Greenblatt.  Sidney Greenblatt is the son of Samuel and Bertha Greenblatt.  Samuel (Sam) was also a veteran of the Spanish American War and returned to Atlanta to run numerous successful businesses including the American Laundry.

Lottie Geffen Simon (1900–1991). Papers, 1968.
(naturalization certificate)

Sender Ber Singer Family.  Papers, 1937 and undated.
(original letter dated May 5, 1937, one photocopy of an original letter and several translations of letters all written by Sender Ber Singer, who was murdered in the Holocaust, to his relatives in the United States)

Sol Singer (1918–2003) Family.  Papers, 1856–2000.
Mss 141

Size:  1 linear foot

Content:  The Sol Singer family Papers includes documents relating to the Singers' involvement in various Jewish organizations, their family histories and correspondences.  Included are records relating to Sol Singer's interest in stamp collecting and the Jewish community of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.  The social historian interested in Jewish life in small southern towns and the development of the Atlanta Jewish community will find this collection of special interest.

Significance:  Sol Singer was born and raised in Unadilla, Georgia.  He graduated from high school in 1934 and attended the University of Georgia where he met his wife-to-be Ruth Kruger (1918-2004) of Fitzgerald, Georgia.  In 1939, Sol graduated from UGA with a law degree and married Ruth.  The couple moved to Columbus, Georgia where they became integral members of the Jewish community for the next 23 years.  In 1962, as president of Singer and Co., Sol moved with his family to Atlanta.  In Atlanta, Sol and Ruth continued their practice of volunteerism and soon became influential and respected members of the Atlanta Jewish Community.

William Singer Family.  Papers, 1925-1998.
Mss 195

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists primarily of a family history and newspaper articles relating to the Singer family and their lives in Cordele, Thomaston and Atlanta, Georgia.

Significance:  William Singer was born in New York in 1861.  At the age of two he returned with his parents to their home in Prague.  William stayed in Prague until his marriage Henrietta Fischer in 1896.  Orginally settling in Albany, Georgia, the Singer family later moved to Cordele, Georgia, where he made a living farming and as a winemaker. 


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Hebrew Orphans Home.

Hebrew Orphans Home, Atlanta, Georgia.


Isidore Sirota (1897–1961) Family. Papers, 1916–1979.
Mss 47

Farband Labor Zionist Order.

Farband Labor Zionist Order.

Size: .2 linear feet

Content: Minutes from the Farband Labor Zionist Order (Yiddish), 1945-1960, autobiography of Isidore Sirota, 1961, and naturalization certificates.

Significance: The Farband was established in Atlanta in 1913. The Farband provided sickness and death benefits while promoting Yiddish culture and Socialist doctrine.

Bernard Sloman Family. Papers, 1956.
(naturalization certificates)

Ronald Slotin. Papers, 1992–1994.
(campaign memorabilia)

Arthur Smith. Papers, 1936.
(newspaper article (original and photocopy) describing the opening fund raising meeting of the Atlanta Jewish Welfare Fund attended by Rabbi Jonah B. Wise)

Simon H. Smith (1901–1943) Family. Papers, 1903–1960.
Mss 53

Size: .6 linear feet.

Content: Documents from numerous Jewish and non Jewish organizations, schools, clubs, businesses and synagogues including Ahavath Achim Congregation, Alpha Epsilon Pi-Emory University, Tau Epsilon Pi-Emory University, B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, Boys' High School, Dora R. Smith Realty Co., Druid Hills School, Emory University School of Medicine, Girls' High School, Mayfair Club, Shower Door Company, Ballyhoo Club, Top Hat Club, and The Temple.

Significance: Simon H. Smith was a graduate of the Emory University School of Medicine. His wife, Dora, was the first Jewish female realtor in Atlanta.

William M. Smith Family (–1949).  Papers, 1914–1989.
(papers relating to William Smith's role as attorney for Jim Conley and his subsequent motivation to prove Frank's innocence, including typescript notes called "My Notes For Conley," a typescript copy of an article written but not submitted for "Liberty Magazine," and ALS from John M. Slaton to William M. Smith, and a deathbed statement written on August 26, 1949, in which Smith declares Frank a man of good character and innocence)

Bella Solnik Family.  Papers, 1949.
(copy of a newspaper clipping honoring displaced persons that appeared in the "Atlanta Journal" on December 7, 1949)

Morris Solomon Family. Papers, 1917–1920.
(license to practice as a druggist from the State of Georgia; a marriage invitation, a commencement invitation from the Southern College of Pharmacy – Atlanta, Georgia, an original newspaper clipping regarding former Governor John M. Slaton's campaign for the United States Senate, 1920; correspondence, passports, and a song regarding the courtship of Morris Solomon and Bertha Aach)

Julius Edward Sommerfield Family. Papers, 1879–1979.
Mss. 19

Size: .6 linear feet.

Content: Correspondence, autograph book, newspaper articles relating to Margaret Mitchell and Gone With the Wind, postcards, and yearbooks from Tech High School.

Significance: Julius Edward Sommerfield was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1965. In 1886, he graduated from the Medical College of Berlin. He later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he met and married Clara Rosenfeld, the daughter of Abraham and Emilie Baer Rosenfeld, whose marriage in 1867 inspired the Jewish community of Atlanta to establish the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation.

Ralph A. Sonn. Papers, 1891.

Harry Sopkin. Papers, 1958.
(matchbook cover advertising Henry Sopkin as conductor of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra)

Eliezer Sotto. Papers, 1987.
(newspaper article regarding Holocaust survivor Eliezer Sotto)


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