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Jacob Spielberger. Papers, 1914–1953.
(indentures for gravesites at Greenwood cemetery purchased by the Independent Order of B'rith Abraham, 1914; the Oriental Hebrew Society, 1922, the Independent Order B'rith Sholom, 1931-1939, and articles of incorporation for the Palestine Benevolent Association, 1929)

Frank Spiegel. Papers, 1833–1999.
(certificates and awards from sports camps and events in which Frank Spiegel participated in Fuerth, Germany.)

Helen Wasserman Spiegel. Papers, 1917.
(letter from David Grausmann, who was killed in battle serving Germany during World War I)

Werner Spiegel. Papers, 1939–1940.
(immigration documents of Holocaust survivor Werner Spiegel)

Leon Spiegelman Family. Papers, 1922–1947.
(correspondence regarding the unsuccessful attempt of Frada and Yankel Spiegelman, 1937-1939, and a receipt from Greenberg and Flynn, Inc., Funeral Directors, 1941)

Frieda Spieler Family. Papers, 1986.
(history of the Valdosta Hebrew Congregation by Dr. Louis Schmier)

Adam Stahl Family. Papers, 1998.
(family history and genealogy)

Hortense Kaufmann Stahl (1890–1995) Family. Papers, 1898–1928.
Mss 140

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of three prayer books, one of which contains the Kaufmann family genealogy and a meeting notice to members of Atlanta Lodge No. 78, B.P.O. Elks, 1928.

Significance:  Hortense Kaufmann Stahl is a member of a long-time Georgia family that settled in Albany, Georgia, and later moved to Brunswick, Georgia, and to Atlanta. 

Adam Stein Family. Papers, 1923–1945.
(correspondence, receipt from Stein Brothers, Inc. Smelters and Dealers in New and Scrap Iron, and program from the Gordon-Eppley School of Dancing)

Albert Stein Family.  Papers, 1923–1945.
(program from the Gordon-Eppley School of Dancing, an invoice from Stein Brothers, Inc., and three letters)

Beatrice Vitner Stein. Papers, 1937–1958.
(certificates for the purchase of war bonds for the building of the USS Atlanta, 1943; war ration book; and a program from a Sons of Zion (S.O.Z.) banquet at the Mayfair Club, 1948)

Murray Stein Family. Papers, 1921–2002.
Mss 132

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: The collection consists of membership records from Rodeph Sholom Congregation in Rome, Georgia; newspaper articles on various subjects including the history of Jewish life in Rome; and documents relating to the attempt of Casper Stock to bring his cousin Estera Fajga Syskind to America, 1939-1941.

Significance: Murray Stein is a Rome, Georgia, dentist who married Louise Stock. The Stock family were earlier settlers to Rome.

Sam Stein. Papers, 1922–1972.
(photocopies of newspaper advertisements from Stein's and a centennial history of Cartersville, Georgia, 1972)

Cathey Steinberg. Papers, 1992–1994.
(campaign memorabilia)

Jack Steinberg.  Papers, 1802-1994.
Mss 166

Size:1.6 linear feet

Content:The collection consists of the records of Congregation Children of Israel of Augusta, Adas Yeshurun Synagogue of Augusta and the family bibles of Thomas Sheftal of Savannah.

Significance:Of special interest are the family bibles of Thomas Sheftal.  The Sheftal family was among the original Jewish settlers to Savannah, Georgia in 1733.

Jack J. Steinberg. Papers, 1981.
(family history of the Steinberg family of Augusta, Georgia and a history of the Jewish community of Augusta, Georgia in1)

M. Harry Steine.  Papers, 19441972
Mss 158

Size:  .6 linear feet.

Content: The collection consists of records from the Citizens Committee for Good Government and from Augusta city council meetings.

Significance:  M. Harry Steine was born in Warrenton, Georgia, on January 24, 1909.  Steine practiced law from 1934 until 2001; his firm was was located in the Lamar building in Augusta.  During World War II Harry Steine served in the Quartermaster Corps in North Africa and Italy.  Steine was a founding member of the Citizens' Committee for Good Government, an organization interested in promoting better leadership in the affairs of the city and county of Augusta.  He also served three terms as 8th Ward Councilman for the City Council of Augusta and as a three-time president of the Congregation Children of Israel.

Albert Steiner (1846–1919). Papers, c.1961.
(biographical material about Albert Steiner and the Albert Steiner Charitable Fund)

André Steiner (1908–2009) Family.  Papers, 19201962.
Mss 172

Size: .2 linear feet

Content:  The collection consists of correspondence, 19391962,  from Weiner family members, many of which were written from Thereisenstadt; and the diary of Hetty Weiner Steiner that she wrote while hiding in the mountains in 1944.

Significance:  André Steiner was born in Dunajska Streda in what is now Hungary in 1908.  As a young man he studied Bauhaus architecture, an elite school of modern design and thought.  He married Hetty Weiner in 1935.  In 1940, Steiner, his wife Hetty and their young son Peter moved to Bratislava in Slovakia to escape the Nazi invasion in Brno.  In 1941, Steiner joined The Working Group, comprised of dissident members of the Ustredz Zidovsky, the governing body of Slovak Jewry.  His architectural designs were coveted by the Nazis and Steiner secretly bribed German and Slovak officials to prevent deportations.  He also convinced the Nazis to establish three work camps for Jews, insisting that only Jewish laborers could build his designs.  He is credited with saving 7,000 Jews from deportation to death camps.  When full scale deportations renewed in 1944, Andre and Hetty Steiner fled to the mountains and survived the war in hiding. André Steiner died in 2009. 

David Steinheimer (1838-1930) Family. Papers.
Mss 26

David Steinheimer family.

David Steinheimer family.

Size: .2 linear feet

Content: Autobiography of David Steinheimer, bride's book, correspondence and newspaper articles.

Significance: David Steinheimer was a founding member of The Hebrew Benevolent Congregation (The Temple). In Atlanta, he married Isabelle Mayer, the daughter of David Mayer, a Confederate veteran, Temple founder, and businessman. In David Steinheimer's autobiography he recounts his early life working as peddler in the late 1850s.


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Jacob Spielberger family, 1916.

Jacob Spielberger family, 1916.


David M. Stern Family.  Papers, 1946–2000.
(photocopies of newspaper clippings and a fan "give-away” from Kimbrell-Stern
funeral home in Albany, Georgia)

Robert L. Stern Family. Papers, c.1900–1903.
(graduation autograph book of Marian Frank, sister of Leo M. Frank)

Marty Storch. Papers, 1945, 1993–1994.
(identification document issued to Holocaust survivor Marty Storch and letters of support for his community service)

Arthur Strauss. Papers, 1941.
(postcard picturing the Mousinho, one of the ships to bring Holocaust survivors to the United States at the end of World War II)

Oscar Strauss, Jr. Family. Papers, 1872–1978.
Mss 15

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: Correspondence, scrapbook, newspaper clippings, invitations and family genealogy.

Significance: Oscar Strauss married Rubye Rich, the sister of the founders of Rich's Department Store. The collection contains material relating to the lives of these two pioneer Atlanta families.

David Stock Family.  Papers, 1946–1991.
(photocopies of newspaper clippings, 1946-1991, the bar mitzvah speech of David Stock, 1943, a condolence letter from Rodeph Shalom Congregation on the death of Samuel Stock, 1946, membership cards, 1944–1945, a history and program from Temple Beth-El in Dalton, Georgia, 1946-1990, and photographic copies of Stock family members and activities, 1928–1949)

Jeanine Storch Family.  Papers, c.1923–1953.
(photocopies of documents relating to Henri Moskow's service in the French airforce, his arrest in Avignon by the Germans, 1943, and his deportation to Drancy transport camp)

Marty Storch. Papers, 1945, 1993–1994.
(identification document issued to Holocaust survivor Marty Storch and letters of support for his community service)

Arthur Strauss. Papers, 1941.
(postcard picturing the Mousinho, one of the ships that brought Holocaust survivors to the United States at the end of World War II)

Ludwig Strauss (Lester Salten) Family.  Papers, 1934.
(postcard from a Jewish military group in Iserlohn, Germany, belonging to the Strauss family and a photocopy of a newspaper clipping regarding the evacuation of Ludwig Strauss on a Seavac that was torpedoed on route to Canada from Scotland)

Roni Strauss Family.  Papers, 1952.
(report card from a school in Tel Aviv, Israel)

Beth Greenblatt Sugarman Family. Papers, 1956–1958.
(schedules, newsletters, coupon books, a dance card, a worship service, and correspondence from Sky Lake Camp)

Sam Sugarman (1890–1970) Family. Papers, 1911–1961.
Mss 51

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Commencement memory book of Ida Myers, 1913, and documents from Montag's, a stationery manufacturer at which Sam Sugarman was employed.

Significance: Highlights the activities of a Jewish youth in Atlanta in the early part of the twentieth century.

Harry Sunshine (1897-1967) Family. Papers, 1919-1975.
Mss 60

The Sunshine family entertaining troops during World War II,

The Sunshine family entertaining troops during World War II,
Atlanta, Georgia, 1943.

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Correspondence, family history, legal documents, obituaries, and records relating to land purchases and support of the State of Israel, Grady Memorial Hospital, and Sunshine Department Stores.

Significance: Harry Sunshine was actively involved in both the Jewish and general communities and generously supported a number of different causes in Atlanta and in the State of Israel.

Solomon Sutker. Papers, 1950.
Mss 76

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Thesis entitled "The Jews of Atlanta: Their Social Structure and Leadership Patterns," submitted to the faculty of the University of North Carolina in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Significance: This thesis covers a variety of subjects regarding the Jewish community of Atlanta including Zionism, clubs, business, women, demographics, and synagogue life.

Sam Swerdlin. Papers, 1977.


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Leo Frank and his sister Marian,

Leo Frank and his sister Marian,