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Nancy Taffel. Papers, 1986.
(newspaper article re. Black-Jewish relations in Atlanta)

Harry Taratoot (1885–1982) Family. Papers, 1913–1976.
Mss 79

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Immigration documents, 1922, and records from Congregation Anshi Sfard, 1929-1976.

Significance: The collection contains some of the few extant documents from Congregation Anshi Sfard. Of special interest is the letter signed by Thomas E. Watson in support of the immigration of Brucha Taratoot, 1922.

Esther Taylor (1905–1992). Papers, 1928–1972.
(scrapbook and memorabilia regarding Esther Taylor's involvement with Hadassah, and as an accomplished pianist)

Michael Taylor (1872-1940). Papers, 1896.
(naturalization certificate)

Julius L. Tenenbaum (1891–1974). Papers, 1909–1989.
Mss 27

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: Memorabilia from Boys' High School, the Mayfair Club, and Tenenbaum Brothers.

Significance: Julius L. Tenenbaum was a World War I veteran who established Tenenbaum Brothers, a wholesale distributor in Atlanta, Georgia.

Doug Teper. Papers, 1985.
(Campaign memorabilia)

Robert Travis (1900–1985). Papers, 1936–1958.
(correspondence and memorabilia from the first campaign of the Atlanta Jewish Welfare Fund)

Robert M. Travis (1900–1985). Papers, 1930–1977.
Mss 108

Size: .4 linear feet

Contents: Correspondence, a scrapbook from Bertha Travis' years as Hadassah president, programs, invitations, and tributes to both Robert and Bertha Travis.

Significance: Robert (Bob) M. Travis was an ardent Zionist and one of the first to recognize, as early as 1939, that the Jewish people would be facing a holocaust if Europe's Jews were not allowed to immigrate to Palestine. Robert Travis served as president of the Zionist District in Atlanta from 1937-1939. He later served as president of the Southeastern Zionist Region. In 1941, in association with Julian Boehm, he was instrumental in organizing the Atlanta branch of the American Christian Palestine Committee. He is also credited with being a founder of Camp Judaea in Hendersonville, North Carolina.



Boris Ulman. Papers, 1987.
(memoir of Holocaust survivor Boris Ulman who fought with the Russian Partisans during the Second World War)

Boris Ulman (5th from left, 1st row standing) with his partisan unit,

Boris Ulman (5th from left, 1st row standing) with his partisan unit,
July 22, 1944.

Carol Unger. Papers, 1982.
(paper entitled: "Jewish Immigrants in Atlanta's Melting Pot)


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Julius Tenenbaum as a soldier during World War I.

Julius Tenenbaum as a soldier during World War I.