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Mort Waitzman.  Papers, 1945–1994.
(memorial booklet from the funeral service for American soldiers held at the American cemetery in Margraten in 1945 and a softcover book entitled "D-Day In South Limburg”)

Emily Domb Warshaw (1889–1994). Papers, 1964–1966.
(correspondence regarding reparations claims of Emily Warshaw for property seized in Poland during World War II)

Thomas E. Watson (?–1922). Papers, 1927.
(issue of Watson's Magazine, December, 1912, and issue of The Watsonian, February, 1927)

Ruth S. Waxman.  Papers.
(manuscript titled: The Pekl: Folk/Histories of Jewish Peddlers in the South, 1890-1914)

Margaret Strauss Weiller. Papers, 1995.
(certificates of appreciation from Atlanta Section, National Council of Jewish Women and the Epstein School)

Beryl Weiner Family. Papers, 1918–1996.
Mss 86

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content: Index to the Camilla Enterprise compiled by Beryl Weiner in 1996.

Significance: Beryl Weiner is an Atlanta attorney who spent his boyhood years in Camilla, Georgia. The index highlights important events in the Camilla, the South, and especially those that relate to the Jewish residents of Camilla.

Jack Weinstock (1890–1961) Family. Papers, 18901997.
Mss 173

Size: .4 linear feet

Content:  The collection consists of correspondence, newspaper articles, certificates and family memorabilia.

Significance:  Jacob (Jack) Weinstock was born October 17, 1890, in Uffenheim in Bavaria, Germany.  In 1906, Jack graduated from horticulturist college in Hanover, Germany.  Several years later he immigrated to the United States.  After first settling in Maine, Jack moved to Atlanta in 1913 to take charge of the flower shop and green houses of the Nunnally Company.  Four years later, in 1917, Jack Weinstock entered business on his own, opening a flower shop in the Peachtree Arcade under his own name.  In 1930 he opened green houses on Roswell Road in Atlanta and provided all of the flowers for the set of Gone With The Wind.  Weinstock's closed its doors and sold the Roswell Road property in 1987.

Jack Weinstock (1890–1961) Family. Papers, 1921–1983.
(advertisements and newspaper articles regarding Weinstocks Florists and Weinstock family members)

Marvin Weintraub. Papers, 1946–1949.
(program from the 12th anniversary celebration of Augusta A.Z.A, 1946, miscellaneous A.Z.A. memorabilia, varsity letter cards from Boys' High School, and Jewish Educational Alliance membership cards)

Frances Sterne Weintraub Family.  Papers, 1864–1965.
(histories of the Sterne and Long families of Albany, Georgia, and a  reproduction of the  pledge made by Confederate soldier Anselm Sterne to not escape if released from a prisoner of war camp while on a working detail in a Union hospital, 1964)

Rabbi Stephen Weiss Family. Papers, 1994.
(program from naming ceremony of Yael Bruria Weiss)

Sophia Saul Weiss. Papers, 1918–1992.
(letterhead from the J. Saul & Company and photocopies of newspaper articles regarding Saul family members)

Harry Weissman Family.  Papers, 1977–1978.
(hate mail sent to Harry Weissman as a volunteer for  the North Fayetteville Fire Department)

Samuel Weissman.  Papers, 2002.
(invitation honoring him at a national tribute dinner of the Associated Grocers Co-op and the State of Israel bonds and a newspaper article honoring the 60th wedding anniversary of Sam and Sylvia Weissman, 2002)

Meyer Wellhouse (1827–1987) Family. Papers, 1894.
(two Union Prayer Books containing handwritten birth, marriage and death records of the Wellhouse and Liebman families)

Helen Shulhafer Whitehill Family. Papers, c.1900–1983.
Mss 147

Size: .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of various papers relating to the Shulhafers and their close friend Rebecca Gershon.

Significance:  Helen Shulahfer Whitehill is the daughter of Philip and Hannah Shulhafer.  Philip Shulhafer was personnel director of Montag Paper Company.  Hannah Shulhafer was active in The Temple, National Council of Jewish Women and a variety of social service organizations in Atlanta.

Charlotte Wilen. Papers, 1963–1993.
Mss 106

Size: .2 linear feet.

Contents: Newspaper articles and correspondence relating to the various organizations in which Charlotte Wilen participated.

Significance: Charlotte Wilen has been active in community service in Atlanta for 30 years. She was president of the Maternal and child Health Institute, Inc., president of the Continuum Alliance for Human Development; a member of the Georgia Planning Group for Health Promotion; a member of the Governor's Commission on Obstetrics and a member of the Board of Directors of Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. She was also on the national task force on Maternal and Infant Health March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation. As a member of B'nai B'rith Women she organized "Operation Stork," and the "Well Baby Clinic."

Eulah Mae Williams.  Papers, 1905–1910.
(postcards of Atlanta views of Sacred Heart Church, Peachtree Street, Broad Street, the State Capitol, and the Temple at Pryor and Richardson Streets)

Joseph Wind Family. Papers, 1949–1951.
(ORT certificate and tuberculosis surveys needed for the Holocaust survivors Joseph and Bronia Wind to immigrate to America)

Harry Winer. Papers, undated.
(photocopy of newspaper article regarding the World War I service of Harry Winer)

Hyman Winer Family. Papers, 1910–1979.
(photocopies of newspaper articles regarding Winer’s a department store in LaFayette, Georgia)

Ethel Wise. Papers, 1947.
(newsletter from the Jewish Progressive Club)

Richard C. Wise Family.   Papers, 1981.

Sam Wise Family. Papers, 1945–1949.
(Identification and immigration documents of Holocaust survivor Sam Wise)

Charles Wittenstein. Papers, 1959–2003.
(memo, 1959, regarding The Atlanta School Desegregation Situation, speeches, and files from the Georgia Committee on Civil Rights Under Color of Law)

Abraham Wolbe (1898–1973). Papers, undated.
(photocopy regarding Abraham Wolbe a tailor in Atlanta for 50 years)

Lane Wolbe. Papers, 1961–1965.
(Photocopies of newspaper clippings regarding the football career of Lane Wolbe)

Robert R. Wolf.  Papers, 1998–2004.
(genealogy of the Selig family)



Harold Yudelson.  Papers, 19412004.
Mss 170

Size:  .2 linear feet

Content:The collection consists primarily of military records and letters written from Harold Yudelson to his family members in Atlanta during World War II.

Significance:  Harold Yudelson was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  His education was interrupted when he was drafted into World War II.  Harold Yudelson served as a lieutenant and was wounded in battle during the last days of the war. 

Sol Yudelson (1896–1987). Papers, 1904.

David Zaban Family, Atlanta, Georgia, 1902.

David Zaban Family, Atlanta, Georgia, 1902.



David Zaban (1860–1921) Family. Papers, 1908–1933.
(Photocopy of a page from The Southern Guide, 1908 and Zaban genealogy material)

Mandle Zaban (1894–-1973) Family.  Papers, 1952–1976.
(biography of Mandle Zaban, photoocopies of immigration documents relating to the Zaban family and a photocopy of a memoir by Bessie Zaban Jones)

Samuel Zaban (1893–1975) Family. Papers, 1921–1943.
(immigration documents)

David Zeff.  Papers, 1946–1993.
(correspondence and newspaper articles relating to his career as director of the Council of Jewish Federations in the South in the 1950s and an article written by Harry Golden for the "Carolina Israelite")

Saul Zelmenovitz Family.  Papers, 1935–1945.
(photocopy of a newspaper article highlighting the Georgia-Florida Trading Company in Waycross, Georgia and a photocopy of a newspaper article covering the marriage of Marjorie Bluestein and George  Morris Weinstein)

Benjamin H. Zimmerman Family.  Papers,1915–1999.
(order pad from Jacob Zimmerman, a wholesale butcher in Atlanta, Georgia)

Alex Zomper Family.  Papers, 1942–2009.

Bernard Zuckerman. Papers, c.1943.
(stamp from Thereisenstadt)


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Identification document of Holocaust survivor Sam Wise.

Identification document of Holocaust survivor Sam Wise.