Library Overview

The library at The Breman includes non-circulating materials relating mostly to the Holocaust and to Jews in America, and in particular, the South. Resources include city directories from 1876 – 1988, journals, and synagogue and community publications. Records from Jewish cemeteries around the State of Georgia are also available.

The library of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Georgia is also housed at The Breman and a computer with software relating to genealogy is available for use.

The library distributes teacher resource material, such as Lesson Plan Packs. Video tapes relating to the Holocaust may be checked out by teachers.

Fore more information about The Breman library, contact librarian Maureen MacLaughlin at 678-222-3752 or by email.


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Conducting research in The Breman's library.


Yizkor Books (Memorial Books)

A small collection of Yizkor Books from Jewish communities destroyed during the Holocaust is held in the Breman library. The communities represented are:

  • Baranow, Galicia, Poland (Barniv)
  • Berezhne, Ukraine
  • Bialystok, Poland
  • Borszczow, Galicia, Poland
  • Brainsk, Poland
  • Brisk, Lithuania
  • Chelem, Poland
  • Ciechanow, Poland
  • Czenstochowa, Poland (Czestochowa)
  • Goworow, Poland
  • Kobrin, Poland
  • Kosow, Galicia, Poland (Kosow Huculski)
  • Kovno, Lithuania
  • Kozienice, Poland
  • Krakow, Poland
  • The Ruin of Lithuania: A Chronicle of the Destruction of the Sacred Jewish Communities of Lithuania, 1941 - 1945
  • Lublin, Poland
  • Luck (Lutzk), Poland (Ukraine ?)
  • Miechow, Charshniece, and Kshoynge, Poland
  • Minsk - Mazowiecki, Byelorusse
  • Minsk, Byelorusse, in 2 volumes
  • Nagybanya, Hungary
  • Olshan, Lithuania (?)
  • Ostrow Mazowieck, Poland
  • Ozorkow, Poland
  • Radom, Poland
  • Ratno, Poland
  • Rowno, Poland
  • Sacz, Poland
  • Sierpc, Poland
  • Szydlowiec, Poland
  • Targowice, Poland
  • Ungvar (Usharod), Ukraine; Vinitsa , Ukraine; Czernowitz, Romania; Nikolasburg, Moravia
  • Vilna, Lithuania, in 3 volumes
  • Wadowice, Andrychow, Kalwarja, Myslenice, Sucha [Poland]
  • Wasilkow, Poland
  • Zarki , Poland
  • Zelva, Byelorusse


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Photograph from the Wyshogrod Yizkor Book that Dora believes to be of her father, Meir Baumberg, in foreground, Wyshogrod, Poland, c. 1920.

Photograph from the Wyshogrod Yizkor Book, which Dora Baumberg Ellen believes to be of her father, Meir Baumberg (in foreground), Wyshogrod, Poland, c. 1920.