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NA'AMAT Golda Meir Chapter. Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 19542006.
Mss 202

Size:  .2 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of minutes, programs, meeting notices and a scrapbook of activities.

Significance:  NA'AMAT (formerly Pioneer Women) Golda Meir Chapter Atlanta, Georgia, was founded as in 1946.  NA'AMAT is a women's labor Zionist organization that provides training, educational and social services for women, youth and children in Israel.

Nachlas Atlanta.  Records, 19261935.
(photocopies of deeds and correspondence relating to the purchase of land in Palestine)

National Council of Jewish Women – Atlanta Section. Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 1885–1996.
Mss 139

Size: 15 linear feet.

Content: The National Council of Jewish Women, Atlanta Section Records are divided into four series. Series I consists of administrative files. Series II consists of files relating to programs and issues. Series III consists of files relating to conferences and conventions. Series IV consists of scrapbooks.

Significance: The National Council of Jewish Women, Atlanta Section, was founded in 1895 when a small group of Jewish women met at The Temple (Hebrew Benevolent Congregation) to form a local chapter of the national organization that had been established two years earlier in New York. The first president was Rebecca Solomons Alexander. In the early years the Atlanta Section acted as the Sisterhood of The Temple. Dr. David M. Marx, the Rabbi of The Temple, acted as advisor to the fledging organization. Over the ensuing decades, NCJW, Atlanta Section, remained steadfast in supporting issues relating to women, children and education. The Atlanta Section also worked tirelessly to assist persons displaced by both World Wars.

National Council of Jewish Women. Columbus, Georgia. Records, 1920–1927.

National Federation of Temple Youth Southeast Region. Records, 1959–1960.



Oriental Hebrew Society. Records, 1920.
(photocopy of mortgage bond)



Sisterhood of Temple B'nai Israel. Albany, Georgia. Records, 1906–1989.
Mss 95

Size: .8 linear feet.

Contents: Correspondence, financial records and minutes.

Significance: Originally known as the Hebrew Ladies Aid Society, it was established in 1906. The minutes are fairly complete and document the various activities of this organization.

The Standard Club. Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 1850–1982.
Mss 4

Stag supper at the Standard Club on Washiangton Street in honor

Stag supper at the Standard Club on Washiangton Street in honor
of Bert L. Fox, c.1918. L-r: William B. Schwartz, Lawrence
Steinman, Harry Gerson, Bert L. Fox, Leopold Hein, Joe A.

Size: .5 linear feet.

Content: Property records, certificates, lists of stockholders, income bonds, titles, contracts, fliers and brochures.

Significance: Established in 1867 as the Concordia Club, it is the oldest still extant, private club in Atlanta. For over 100 years, the Standard Club met most of the social needs of its many members. In the early years, the club adhered to a closed membership policy, welcoming primarily those from the well-established German Jewish community to join. This policy, in part, led to the establishment of social organizations such as the Jewish Progressive Club and the Mayfair Club, which met the needs of other segments of Atlanta’s Jewish society. The history of the Standard Club directly mirrors the history and lifestyle of its members, whose social, political, economic, and philanthropic contributions have helped to shape the city of Atlanta.

State Prison Farm Milledgeville, Georgia.  Records, 1920.



The Temple Sisterhood. Records, 1902–1987.
Mss 42

Size: 3 linear feet

Content: Minutes, scrapbooks, programs, invitations, reports, speeches and Garden Club records.

Significance: The Temple Sisterhood was established on December 9, 1912, and is the oldest congregational sponsored women's organization in Atlanta.

Tichon Atlanta. Records, 1994.
(course book and newspaper article)

Torah Day School. Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 1993.
(auction book)

Tuesday Afternoon Club. Records, c.1914.


United Hebrew School of Atlanta. Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 1920–1957.
Mss 16

Size: .4 linear feet.

Content: Correspondence, minutes, fliers, financial records and a 1929 report of the status of Jewish education in Atlanta.

Significance: The United Hebrew School was Atlanta's first attempt at a community-wide Hebrew school available to all Jewish children, regardless of synagogue affiliation.

United Jewish Orthodox Association. Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 1923–1924.
Mss 17

Size: .2 linear feet

Content: Correspondence, minutes (in Yiddish), contribution lists.

Significance: This organization was organized by members of the Orthodox community of Atlanta and the Southeast to encourage the Hebrew Orphans Home to provide orphans with both a Kosher kitchen and a Jewish education.


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The William Breman Jewish Home. Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 1951–1984.
Mss 101

Size: .6 linear feet.

Contents: Minutes, correspondence and newsletters.

Significance: The minutes of the Board are complete and chronicle the history of this important Jewish communal organization.

Women's American ORT, Atlanta Region. Records, 1976.
(anniversary book)


Shirley Yudelson Mosinger. Papers, 1948.
(programs and newsletter from Young Judaea)

Young Judaea – Daughters of Zion. Atlanta, Georgia. Records, 1941–1958.
Mss 148

Size: 1 linear foot.

Content: The collection consists of three scrapbooks containing memorabilia and correspondence.

Significance: Young Judaea - Daughters of Zion Chapter was an active youth organization in Atlanta throughout the 1940s and 1950s.

Young Judaea – Followers of Zion Chapter. Atlanta, Georgia.  Records, 19511952
Mss 196

Size:  .6 linear feet.

Content:  The collection consists of a scrapbook of chapter activities.

Significance:  Followers of Zion (F.O.Z) Chapter of Young Judaea was founded in Atlanta in 1951.

Young Ladies Co-operative Society. Albany, Georgia. Records, 1901–1925.
Mss 96

Size: .2 linear feet.

Contents: Minutes

Significance: Two minute books that cover the entire history of this organization.

Young Women's Christian Association. Records, 1987.
(Program to Women of Achievement)


Zachor Holocaust Museum. Atlanta, Georgia.  Papers, 1942.
(ration card from the Warsaw ghetto)

Zionist Organization of America – Southern Region. Records, 1937–1985.
Mss 40

Size: .4 linear feet

Content: Newsletters, scrapbooks, and speeches written by Adelbert Freedman.

Significance: Adelbert Freedman, was active in ZOA since 1936 and executive director of the Southeastern Region from 1940-1951. The collection traces the development of Zionism in the Southeast and particularly in Atlanta.


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Wedding of Elsie Levenson and Harry Krone at the William Breman Jewish Home, 1990.

Wedding of Elsie Levenson and Harry Krone at the William Breman Jewish Home, 1990.