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Studio Earth: Environment Message Sculptures with Shoshanna Rosenthal

Studio Earth: Environment Message Sculptures
Jul 24 2020 | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Studio Earth: Environment Message Sculptures

Free Live Art Workshop

Presented by The Breman Museum as part of our Terra Infirma Exhibition.

When: Friday July 24th

Cost: Free

RSVP: Register Here

This workshop brings awareness to sea turtles, one of our endangered species. Sea turtles are the ultimate ecological lesson, showing that everything is connected. In this workshop, children, parents and siblings can enjoy honoring the sea turtle by creating a sea turtle sculpture using air dry clay, to create texture and design that can be incorporated into a 3D sea turtle seascape. The clay can be made at home with a simple recipe using flour, salt and water and the recipe will be part of the supply list included with registration for the workshop

Visit this site soon to RSVP.

Sea turtles demonstrate the ultimate lesson of ecology that everything is connected, but many of them are endangered.We will talk about the super hero sea turtles while honoring them by creating clay models with fun textures.

Supply List

  • 1 piece of cardboard for work surface
  • 1 detail and scratch tool (bamboo skewer, tooth pick, sharpened pencil)
  • 1 small bowl of water old toothbrush (not needed with salt/flour clay)
  • a tennis shoe with textured pattern on the bottom (or an interesting texture)
  • Air dry modeling clay (any brand including homemade. Homemade recipes below) * Homemade clay recipes need to be created ahead of time Cold porcelain clay recipe Cornstarch ½ cup White glue ½ cup Baby oil or vaseline take a look at this video for help.

Flour Clay recipe

  • Flour 2 cups
  • Salt ½ cup
  • Water ¾ cup

Mix together. It will be sticky, keep mixing/kneading. It will come together. Wrap tight in plastic and keep clay in the refrigerator.

Shoshanna Rosenthal is the Education Artist in residence for Temple Sinai, Shoshanna Rosenthal develops the art curriculum, workshops and special programs. Rosenthal is the art specialist for In the City Camps and Age Well Atlanta. Rosenthal specializes in mixed media and custom sculptures with Kabbalistic and Jewish themes.

This webinar will be held on the Zoom platform. By clicking the link you should be able to access the webinar, but if you have any issues here are some useful resources for troubleshooting before the day of the program.

How to join a Webinar in Zoom.

How to use the Webinar chat in Zoom.

How to use the Raise Hand feature to ask a question.

TERRA inFIRMA will be displayed online at TheBreman.org opening Mid July 2020.  

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    Studio Earth: Shadow Puppet Workshop

    Mr. Damon will guide participants as they create their own shadow puppets, focusing on the grassland ecosystem and brainstorming about other Biome elements such as plants and water sources. Participants will make mouse and lion shadow puppets, cutting out a template, provided as a PDF, with a supply list sent to those who register. Participants will make puppets come alive and move the attached sticks with hand motions, while learning concepts including biodiversity, interdependence, food webs and pollution.

  • July 24th, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    Summer Speaker Series: The First Jews in Georgia

    Ann Woolner, journalist and author, traces Georgia’s first Jews from the torture chambers of the Portuguese Inquisition through escape to London and then onto a forbidden voyage to Savannah. Unexpected and unwanted, 41 Jews landed in the infant colony 1733 in the midst of a deadly epidemic there — seemingly quelled by one of their own, a Portuguese-born doctor. His curative treatments brought respect and equal treatment for Jewish settlers. When the Revolution came, these families fought as patriots, ran supplies and helped finance the war.

  • July 31st, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

    Studio Earth: Mother Earth Figurines

    Workshop supplies can be recycled materials and found objects, large fabric scraps, ribbon, string, and newspaper to create a Mother Earthfigurine. No sewing is required. Start with rolled up newspaper to be the support for the figure. Then add layers of materials, attaching them with string or yarn. Arms are made using more fabric and string. How Mother Earth’s clothing evolves depends on what fabrics and materials are selected. Add a scarf, a hat and a piece of found jewelry as a final embellishment. The completed Mother Earth can be a 3-D folk art work of art to enjoy at home, as a reminder to appreciate and care for our world.

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    Weathering The Storm: Rabbi's Responses in Times of Crisis

    Rabbi Bailey Romano, Director of Education at Beth El Hebrew Congregation in Alexandria, VA, researched the work of three rabbis in Galveston, Memphis, and New Orleans during the 19th and and early 20th centuries, in her thesis, “Who by Fire and Who by Water: Rabbinical Responses to Select Epidemics and Natural Disasters in American Jewish History.”

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