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Yom HaShoah Commemoration - The Breman Museum

Yom HaShoah
May 01 2016 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Yom HaShoah

Photo: Hands of Norbert Friedman (Poland) and his grandson, Gavin Friedman. "KL" stands for "Konzentration Lager" (Concentration Camp). Photograph by Dr. Julie Zweig

51st Annual Community-Wide Holocaust Commemoration

Yom HaShoah is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Join us as we commemorate the six million Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust. This year's Yom HaShoah is a tribute to the children: those who survived, those who died, and those who will never be.

11am - Service of Remembrance, Memorial to the Six Million at Greenwood Cemetery 

Featured Speaker, Robert Ratonyi, Holocaust survivor from Hungary

In honor of Yom HaShoah we will be offering free admission to our signature exhibition Absence of Humanity: The Holocaust Years, 1933-1945.* 

Please note that the 11am service will not be held at The Breman Museum and will be taking place at Greenwood Cemetery. For more information on this event please call 678-222-3700.

About Robert Ratonyi:

Photo by Fred Katz

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Robert remembers a childhood scarred by fear, upheaval, hunger and loss.  He was six-years old when forced to wear a yellow star, and face the terrors of war and ghetto life without his parents, both of whom were deported to concentration camps. He grew up under communist dictatorship and escaped Hungary following the bloody uprising of 1956. A graduate of MIT and Drexel University, Robert has gone on to a successful business career.  He tells his story to remember the children of the Holocaust and to teach the children of today to choose good over evil.  

Jointly Sponsored by Eternal-Life Hemshech, the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

*Regular museum admission must be paid for access to Where the Wild Things Are: Maurice Sendak in His Own Words and Pictures and Eighteen Artifacts: A Story of Jewish Atlanta.

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