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This permanent exhibition presents a detailed history of the events that led up to the Holocaust, the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis during World War II, and those events that took place in its wake. In this highly informative Holocaust museum exhibition, the narrative of this dark time in human history is put forth in the voices of those who survived and made new lives in Atlanta. Absence of Humanity: The Holocaust Years, 1933-1945 was designed by local architect and Holocaust survivor Ben Hirsch, and features historic photographs, personal memorabilia, family documents, and videotaped interviews with Atlanta-area survivors.

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  • “I loved the way this exhibition focused on the richness of Jewish life before and after the Holocaust, and not just on the atrocities of the war years.”

    R. Paige K. Visiting Graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America 
  • “I have been to many Holocaust museums, both in and out of this country, and I love how The Breman tells the story we've all heard through the eyes and lives of Atlanta Area Survivors. ”

    Kevin Madrid, Atlanta Resident
  • “Seeing this exhibition and hearing one of the Survivor speakers really made the history come alive for me in a way that our classroom instruction couldn't. It was so cool!”

    Abbie Reid, Sixth Grade Student


Experience the years 1933-1945 through the stories and mementos of Atlanta area Holocaust Survivors as presented in Absence of Humanity. For more information on our group rates and scheduling your visit, please visit the Group Tours Page.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer at jreid@thebreman.org or (404) 870-1632.


  • November 12th, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Bebe Forehand: Remarkable Stories from the Holocaust

    Like Anne Frank, Bebe Forehand was hidden away from the Nazis in an attic. A family friend brought food, books and materials to read during the hours while they were in hiding. As a result, her mother, father, grandfather and brother were all able to survive the Holocaust.

  • December 10th, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    George Rishfeld (Poland): Remarkable Stories from the Holocaust

    George was born in Warsaw, Poland. As an infant he was thrown over the barbed-wire fence of the Warsaw Ghetto into the waiting arms of Halinka, the daughter of a man that worked for George’s father. Risking their own lives, they hid George for the remainder of the war taking him out into the community and to church as if he was their own.

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