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Preserving Holocaust History: Collecting Artifacts and Eyewitness Testimony

Preserving Holocaust History: Collecting Artifacts and Eyewitness Testimony
May 13 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Preserving Holocaust History: Collecting Artifacts and Eyewitness Testimony


Preserving Holocaust History

Collecting Artifacts and Eyewitness Testimony



Join fellow Georgians and others across the Southeast for a live digital program featuring representatives from the Museum’s National Institute for Holocaust Documentation who collect, preserve, and make accessible to the public our vast collection of record on the Holocaust. Learn how the Museum continues its acquisition efforts despite the pandemic and about a project that, in a race against time, collects eyewitness accounts abroad to expand what is known about Holocaust history.
Hear from Museum staff who work with prospective donors of materials such as photos, letters, diaries, films, testimonies, and other objects that document the Holocaust, enabling us to teach this history with authenticity and relevance to every new generation.
We will offer participants from Georgia and the Southeast region the opportunity to make appointments in the weeks following the program to discuss donating artifacts to the Museum, contributing oral testimony, or requesting assistance researching family fates.
Introductory Remarks

Karen Lansky Edlin, President, Eternal Life-Hemshech, Atlanta, Georgia

Kyra Schuster, Curator, National Institute for Holocaust Documentation, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Noemi Szekely-Popescu, Program Manager, National Institute for Holocaust Documentation, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Robert Tanen, Director, Southeast Regional Office, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
This program is free and open to the public, but reservations are required.
We will email registrants the link to view the program.
For questions, please contact the Southeast Regional Office at 561.995.6773 or southeast@ushmm.org.

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