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Date Span:  1956 - 1983

Creator:  Unknown

Summary/Abstract:  The photograph collection represents a historical perspective of old Atlanta’s Jewish community tireless work they accomplished in contributing to the State of Israel.  With the help of Jewish Atlanta proceeds realized through the sale of Israel Bonds have helped cultivate the desert, build transportation networks, create new industries, resettle immigrants, and increase export capability.  Today, investing in Israel bonds support a nation of extraordinary innovation that continues to push the boundaries of modern technology.

Quantity/Physical Description: 1 linear ft.

Language(s):  English

Repository:  The Cuba Family Archives for Southern Jewish History, The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, 1440 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30309.

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Processed by:  Demece Harvey (December 2013)

Arrangement:  Photographs are arranged in alphabetical order.  There are several files of unidentified and miscellaneous photos.

Biographical/Historical Note:  The idea to float bonds issued by Israel's government was conceived by Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, in the aftermath of Israel's War of Independence. The war had taken a terrible toll in casualties (more than 1% of the country's population was killed), and the nation's fledgling economy was devastated. Compounding the dire situation was the fact that Israel faced economic demands unique to the new state, most especially the arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants. In Israel's early years, immigrants generally fell into two categories: Holocaust survivors and Jewish refugees from Arab countries. For Holocaust survivors, the journey to Mandate Palestine prior to Israel's independence had been extremely perilous. The British patrolled the coastline, maintained a blockade to prevent entry, stopped many ships, and sent the passengers to displaced persons camps in Europe. On May 15, 1948, the end of the British Mandate and the establishment of Israel removed all impediments to immigration. As a result, a large portion of the surviving remnant of European Jewry quickly set sail for Israel. Meanwhile, Jews from throughout the Middle East, who fled, were expelled, or were rescued through missions such as Operation Magic Carpet, added to the enormous influx of immigrants. Israel's chronic lack of funds forced the government to settle the wave of immigrants in primitive shelters. Food was scarce and strictly rationed. With his country financially overwhelmed, Ben-Gurion turned to the Diaspora community for help. In September 1950, he convened a meeting of American Jewish leaders at Jerusalem's King David Hotel, where he proposed issuing bonds to help provide Israel with a more secure economic foundation. Ben-Gurion's goals were two-fold: to obtain millions of dollars in funding for immigrant absorption and the construction of national infrastructure, and to engage Diaspora Jewry as active partners in building the new Jewish state. The American Jewish leaders supported Ben-Gurion's plan and, the following spring, the prime minister traveled to New York to help launch the inaugural Independence Issue at a gala Madison Square Garden ceremony. Expectations for first-year sales were $25 million. Instead, final results for 1951 more than doubled projections, exceeding $52 million. The new organization increasingly expanded operations throughout the US and Canada, providing proceeds utilized to help fund projects in Israel's industrial and agricultural sectors, including the Dead Sea Works and National Water Carrier. Within six years, according to an article in the January 21, 1957, issue of Time magazine, "bond sales alone amounted to an astonishing 35% of Israel's special development budget.  Over subsequent decades, sales continued to increase, particularly in times of crisis. During 1967's Six-Day War, sales exceeded $250 million a mark that more than doubled during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. From the mid-1980s to 1992, Israel bonds were the major source of external net borrowings by the Government of Israel. In 1991, the year of the Persian Gulf War and Iraqi missile strikes on Israel, annual sales broke the $1 billion threshold.

Scope and Content The Collection also contains programs and invitations to various dinners and events to support the State of Israel.

Collection Inventory

Box File Description Date
1 1 Ahavath Achim No date
2 Alterman, George & Ben Zimmerman No date
3 Alterman, Isidore No date
4 Alterman, Sara, Mrs. Friedman, Mrs. Leon Froshin No date
5 Atlanta June Dinner 1971
6 Balser, Meyer No date
7 Baron, Steve No date
8 Baum, Stanley & Louise No date
9 Benny, Jack No date
10 Beth Jacob, Joey Russel No date
11 Beth Jacob, miscellaneous No date
12 Board Meeting 1972
13 Breman, William No date
14 Brickman, Dr. S. Perry No date
15 Cavalier, Sidney & Helen No date
16 Cohen, Emil No date
17 Cohen, I.T. No date
18 Cohen, Rabbi Joseph No date
19 Congregation Or VeShalon No date
20 Cooper, Dr. Lawrence No date
21 Cuba, Ida Pearl No date
22 Cuba, Joe No date
23 Cuba, Max & A. J. Weinberg No date
24 Dinners – unidentified No date
25 Draluck, Maurice No date
26 Eban, Abba No date
27 Elazari, Brigadier General Ya’acov No date
28 Epstein, Burton J. No date
29 Epstein, Rabbi Harry No date
30 Epstein, Sandra No date
31 Evans, Robert Mayer No date
32 Feldman, Aaron, Sidney Gullden & Rabbi Wernick No date
33 Feldman, Sidney & Cara No date
34 Franco, Isaac D. & Rachel No date
35 Frank, Larry M. No date
36 Frank, Laurence No date
37 Frohsin, Mrs. Leon, Mrs. Burton Epstein, Mrs. Sidney Feldman, and Mrs. Larry Frank No date
38 Frost, Charlie No date
39 Galanti, Isaac R. M\M No date
40 Garson, M\M, & M\M Abe Goldstein No date
41 Gettinger, Mike & Minister Zvi Rafiah 1978
42 Glaser, Molly No date
1 Gold, Burton M. No date
2 Goldstein, Abe No date
3 Goldstein, Leon & Betty No date
4 Goldstein, Dr. & Mrs. Marvin C. (Rita Atlas) 1978 - 1983
5 Goodfriend, Cantor No date
6 Goodman, Rabbi Arnold M. No date
7 Greenberg, Regina and Miriam Levitas No date
8 Greenberg, Sol H. No date
9 Greenville Israel Bond Dinner No date
10 Habif, Isaac & Louise No date
11 Harrison, Harry No date
12 Hirsch, Benjamin No date
13 Homburger, Harriet No date
14 Horowitz, Gerald No date
15 Horowitz, Mrs. Moe D. No date
16 Ichsy, S. Robert No date
17 Invitations & Programs No date
18 Israel Bonds Dinner No date
19 Israel Jerusalem Conference 1972
20 Jacobs, Joseph No date
21 Jackson, Maynard No date
22 The Jerusalem Award No date
23 Jessel, George No date
24 Knoes, Dr. Leon, Philip Perling & Sol Singer No date
25 Kohn, Max No date
26 Krick, Ed No date
27 Kuniansky, Max No date
28 Lahman, Dr. Rose No date
29 Levitas, Elliott No date
30 Levitas, Ida No date
31 Lipson, M\M Nathan No date
32 Lobel, Joel Charles No date
33 Lourie, Robert, Abe Goldstein & Senator John Sparkman No date
34 Lowenstein, Charles D. No date
35 Malon, Jack, Rabbi Feldman, Sonya Rabinowitz, Ben Rabinowitz No date
36 Makover, M|M Sylvan No date
37 Massel, Ben, Sr. No date
38 McDowell, James G. No date
39 Messinger, Rena No date
40 Miller, Sam No date
41 Minsk, Donald No date
1 Miscellaneous No date
2 Miscellaneous No date
3 Progressive Club No date
4 Rabbis Wives: Rothschild, Feldman, Cohen, Epstein No date
5 Rinzler, Charles No date
6 Rittenbaum, Max No date
7 Robinson, Bertram No date
8 Roosevelt, Eleanor No date
9 Rosenberg, Adolph No date
10 Rosenfeld, Alvin No date
11 Rosenfeld, Robert and Jack Hirsch No date
12 Rothschild, Rabbi Jacob M. & Janice Rothschild No date
13 Schatten, Dr. William E. & Barbara Schatten No date
14 Schulman, Alan & Howard Schulman No date
15 Selig, Simon Jr. No date
16 Shaked, Brigadier – Gerald Emanuel No date
17 Shearith Israel No date
18 Shoob, Marvin H. No date
19 Shulman, Warren & Honey No date
20 Siegel, Stanley No date
21 Simpson, Mrs. Alexander 1956
22 Singer, Sol No date
23 Smith, Dora No date
24 Solomon, Marshall No date
25 Spring Dinner No date
26 Taffels, Louis 1956
27 Talmadge, Herman No date
28 The Temple Choir No date
29 The Temple Miscellaneous No date
30 Varon Ambassador Benjamin No date
31 Waushauer, Herb & David Schulman No date
32 Weinstein, Dr. A. 1955
33 Werth, Cal 1955
34 Women’s Division, Israel Bonds No date
35 Zaban, Erwin No date
36 Zimmerman, Benjamin & Jeannette No date
37 Zimmerman, Jerome & Harriet No date
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