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MEMOIRIST:                          CATHY SMITHLINE

INTERVIEWER:                       SANDRA BERMAN

DATE:                                      JULY 17, 2007

LOCATION:                             ATLANTA, GEORGIA

Transcript (PDF)


Cathy Smithline is the great niece of Leo Frank.  Her grandmother, Marian Frank Otto, was Leo Frank’s sister.  Cathy lives in New York with her family.


Cathy Smithline reflects on the impact the Leo Frank case has had on her family.  She talks about her grandmother, Leo Frank’s sister, who died when Cathy was one year old.  She talks about her grandfather and recalls that he was very close with Leo in their younger years.  She reflects that she knew her grandfather very well, but they had not talked about the case.  She tells of the Frank family connection to Atlanta.

She talks about her family not wanting to discuss the case and how she first learned of the case through a book her mother had given her when she was 16.  Cathy talks about discussing the case with her grown children and their interest in it.  She reflects on Leo Frank, the person, and his legacy in the family.

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