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MEMOIRIST:                                    VLADIMIR YAMPOLSKY

INTERVIEWER:                               RACHEL

LOCATION:                                     ATLANTA, GEORGIA

DATE:                                              JULY 6, 2006

Transcript (PDF)


Vladimir Yampolsky was born in 1956 in Odessa, Ukraine which was then a part of the former Soviet Union. His father Lev Yampolsky was an engineer and his mother Dora Kotlyar Yampolsky was a music teacher. His mother profession had largely influenced his own professional choice to become a violinist.

Scope of the Interview:

In the interview Yampolsky describes his life in Odessa between 1956 (the year of his birth) and 1989 the year he emigrated to United States from the Ukraine and eventually arrived to Atlanta with his wife and young son. Eventually he also sponsored his extended family’s arrival to Atlanta (His mother, his brother and the brother’s wife and daughter). He also describes the interactions between Jews and Ukrainians in Odessa during the years of his childhood and youth and many instances of anti-Semitism that he had encountered including mot being accepted into the Moscow Conservatory and having to enroll at St.Petersburg instead in order to receive an education as a musician. Currently (in 2006) Yampolsky works as a high school level music and orchestra teacher after ten years of playing as a violinist in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. He also describes the elation that he and his entire extended family felt upon being granted their US citizenship.

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