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MEMORIST:                       SANFORD WEXLER


DATE:                                 JULY 20, 1999

LOCATION:                        SAVANNAH, GEORGIA

Transcript (PDF)


Sanford Wexler was born in Toledo, Ohio and moved to Savannah, Georgia at the age of 5. His parents, originally from Romania, bought Arsteins, a dry cleaning business in 1920. Mr Wexler did not go to college and immediately after high school he started working with his father in the dry cleaning business.

Scope of Interview

Sanford talks about growing up in the city with few Jewish neighbors, friends and teachers. He was active at the JEA, Jewish Educational Alliance. He played all sports, B’nai Brith AZA, the Nathan Schultz literacy club and the debating team. He was most successful with basketball. Their team was undefeated and played against Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech and Clemson. He was not drafted into the military due to his poor vision, he was declared 4-F.

Mr Wexler was the chairman of the lecture and concert series at the JEA, Jewish Educational Alliance. He brought in speakers to educate the citizens on Zionism such as Pierre Don Passen. He went on to become the Vice President.

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