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MEMOIRIST:        ILONA HERCZ GOTTLIEB                                                         



DATE:                  SEPTEMBER 19, 2008

Transcript (PDF)


Ilona Hercz Gottlieb was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1918.  She was raised by her mother, since her father passed away when she was a young girl.  Growing up they were very poor, not much to eat.  During the war she was deported to Bergen-Belsen and Theresienstadt.  She got married and had two children and eventually moved to the United States after a short stay in Paris, France and Budapest, Hungary.  Her son is a medical doctor and her daughter is an attorney.  She was willing to share her life story, so her grandchildren and great-grandchildren will always remember what happened in Europe during the war.


In this interview, Ilona Hercz Gottlieb will share her experience prior World War II and during the war as well.  She’ll talk about the life in Bergen-Belsen, the hardships that all prisoners had to go through daily.  Living in fear daily of being taken to the gas chamber at short notice.  She’ll talk about after liberation coping with the difficulties living just a simple daily life.  How she eventually was able to leave Europe and move to the United States and how grateful she is to this day being able to live here in this country.

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