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MEMOIRIST:                   RUDY ANAPOL


LOCATION:                     ATLANTA, GEORGIA

DATE:                              SEPTEMBER 20, 2006

Transcript (PDF)


Rudy or Rudolph Anapolsky was born on March 11th, 1935 in Moscow, Russia. His mother’s maiden name was Slava Moiseevna Zhitomirskaya (which indicates that she was born in the city of Zhitomir, near Kiev Ukraine,). His Father’s name was Pontelei Grigorievich Anapolsky ( which indicates that he was born in a small western Ukrainian Shtetel of Anapol). Rudy describes many incidents of anti-Semitism including the time when his father who was a professional tailor or( Schneider in Yiddish) was stripped of his business, arrested by the former Soviet authorities and later murdered.

Rudy developed an interest in art and architecture at a young age and grew to be a sculptor. He married twice and had two children, a daughter and a son. He also described how he, his second wife Nina and his son Slavik (now officially named Steven) emigrated from Russia first to Italy then to Austria and then eventually to the United States. As Refugees they were first sent to Des Moines Iowa in 1976 and then eventually moved by themselves to Atlanta. In general Rudy is very satisfied with life in the United States, however,  he occasionally  express his dissatisfaction with the American Jews’ lack of knowledge of the Jewish people’s prior history including that of the Holocaust period.

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