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DATE:                      FEBRUARY 19, 1998


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Sadye Rabhan was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. Her family came from Russia, with her father immigrating to the United States first and her mother following suit with four of her children. Sadye was the youngest of six children and the only one to remain in the town where she was born.

Sadye worked at a brokerage firm called E. R. Smith & Company during her working years, and enjoyed spending her time with organizations like Hadassah, the Women’s Club, and the Jewish Educational Alliance.

Sadye married Abe Rabhan and together they had 4 children. The family lived in a few locations around Savannah, including a house on Tybee. The Rabhan’s were observant Jews who were active in their community. Sadye did not work on Shabbat and the children did not participate in sports that would have required game play on the Sabbath.

Scope of the Interview

Sadye discusses her experiences growing up and living in Savannah, her children’s lives, how her family was involved in the Savannah community, and how much things have changed while she’s been alive.

Sadye begins the interview discussing how her parents and family came to the United States from Russia and tells the story of how they got their last name (her maiden name of Steinberg). Sadye also discussed her time working with E. R. Smith & Company and what work she performed there. She also talks about her brother Sammy and his time working with J. C. Lewis in Savannah.

Sadye was active in various organizations throughout her time in Savannah and she tells stories of some events she participated in at Hadassah and the Women’s Club. Part of the interview discusses Sadye’s children, their upbringing, and how things have changed from when Sadye was growing up to when she raised her kids, to how things were at the time of the interview. Sadye also spends time discussing her marriage to Abe Rabhan, their wedding, and the houses they owned together.

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