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Magic Class at The Breman Museum

Magic Class at The Breman

Joe M. Turner worked with us on Magical Mondays during our Houdini exhibit last summer, and he is back to teach the whole family a few magic tricks you can do with every day items around the home.

Take a look at the video to learn how to perform 5 magic tricks with magicians Joe M.Turner and Tommy Johns.

African Americans, American Jews & American Popular Music: Ben Sidran & Dwight Andrews​

This interview is sponsored by the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival, The Breman Museum, and The Common at First Congregational Church about the history of Jazz and the intrinsically linked lives of Black and Jewish cultures and how it produced the music of the era. Watch the full video here.

A Letter for Passover from Holocaust survivor speaker, Henry Birnbrey

Pessach (Passover) begins today, Holocaust survivor speaker, Henry Birnbrey, shares his memories of the unique seders (sedarim) in which he has participated. His words remind us that rituals and a commitment to faith can carry us through our most 'different' and challenging of times.

"Chag Sameach, (Have a happy festival)

For probably 2,000 years Jews have gathered around the Seder table and the youngest participant recited Ma Nish Tano Halaila Hazeh, what makes this night different from all other nights? This year's night is truly "different" and we will remember it for a long time. That got me to thinking and I truly had three additional Sedarim where "this night was different from all other nights." Pessach 1937 was my last Seder in Germany and with my parents. I did not realize that this was to be my last night with them. What made this "different" beside it being the last Seder with my parents? Present at our table was an ex-Nazi SS man who had fallen in love with one of my cousins. Pessach 1944 I was a US soldier stationed in England awaiting our participation in the Normandy invasion to take place June 6 1944. The Jewish soldiers were transported to Yeovil UK where we held a seder in a movie theatre. The food, including matzoth, was very spare and the Rabbi was dressed like a Christian minister. It was very different. Pessach 1945 we were getting ready for the Battle of Aachen and our Seder was held in the Siegried line (a series of fortifications built along the German border). Due to the blackout, the Seder was held in the middle of the day and Rabbi Shubow of Boston stood on top of a pillbox reciting from the Hagadah. Every time the word Mitzrayim (Egypt) came up in the Hagadah he would shake his fist towards the German lines.

Pessach 2020 is yet to be experienced by all of us.

Wishing you good health and a chag semeach"

- Henry

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